Misty Dodd

Misty Dodd takes a picture of herself before and after losing weight.

I’m 43 years young and A grandma to two boys and another due in May.

I’m 5’1 and starting weight was 205 and Now I weigh between 105 and 110.
I was A size 20 pants and XXL shirts and now I wear size 0 pants and XS shirts.

I Love being able to play with my grandsons without getting tired and being able to be the best me that was hidden for solong. I can run these days and tie my shoes and go up and down stairs without feeling like I was dieing. Life is just betterbeing healthy in every way. Is it the easy way out? No way it is not it takes dedication and work. You have to changeeverything and your relationship with food. I eat to live today not live to eat. I track all my food and stay on A schedule. Itake all my vitamins and show up and do what I gotta to not fail this tool that was given yo me. Best gift ever!!

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