Reginald Long

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For the majority of my life I have struggled with being overweight. I was always the biggest person in the room. I tried dietafter diet, gym after gym, and read book after book. I missed so much with my family because of being overweight. I didn’ttake them to amusement or water parks because of me getting fatigued and not being able to fit in any of the rides. Iwanted to be more active with my children and to have more self confidence. One day I researched weight loss surgerybecause I knew other people who were successful with it. Unfortunately it was not covered by my insurance carrier, and topay cash here in Texas it would cost me $16K which was not an option.
I searched for low cost weight loss surgery and was led to a link to Renew Bariatrics. I contacted them and the advisorexplained the process to me and I immediately set a surgery date. I was treated with so much compassion and care fromthe first phone call until the time I was dropped off at the airport after my surgery. Everyone was so helpful from theadvisor to the drivers and the nursing staff. Dr. Rene Armenta was my surgeon and he was very professional andexplained everything to me first hand. He still stays in contact with me to check on my progress and answer any questionsI may have. I would choose Renew Bariatrics again and again.
I had Gastric Sleeve on April 17, 2019 at my heaviest weight I was 398lbs. I currently weigh 223lbs.
My weightloss timeline is:
1 month -32lbs
3 months- 68lbs
6 months- 100lbs
12 months- 167lbs
15 months- 176lbs

I am so happy with my journey. I have had no complications or problems and so thankful for the new life I have gainedbecause of Renew Bariatrics and Dr. Rene Armenta. If you are thinking about weight loss surgery I personally recommendRenew and Dr. Armenta, they saved my life.

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