Shannon Jones

A collage of photos of people in swimsuits, featuring Shannon Jones.

My surgery was September 21 2020
My starting weight was 246
My current weight is 149
My goal weight is 140
Dr Perez did my surgery
I went alone and it was just 3 months before I turned 60
Since my surgery I have been more active.
I went to Disneyland and knots berry farm and went on every ride possible when I was overweight this would’ve been very uncomfortable and I probably went onthe rise. I have gone kayaking hiking dancing I also drove go carts went ice-skating I bought rollerskates and went rollerskating. I went water skiing and I haven’tbeen in like 40 years since my surgery my mom passed away and also my brother nine months after my mom I have been able to not emotional eat and keep myweight off my mom passed away nine months after my surgery she was so very proud of me and I feel having my weight loss I was able to take care of her andthen nine months after she passed my brother passed and I feel having the weight loss I was able to help care for him I am so very grateful for Dr. Perez and renewit has given me my life back I am now 62 going to learn how to salsa dance this new journey I am on has been amazing and I’m very blessed.

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