Bariatric Surgery In Mexico: Blood Transfusions

Renew Bariatrics’ surgeons requires that all patients undergoing surgery to be able to accept blood transfusions for their well-being.
Although unlikely, blood transfusions are required in some surgical cases, including: pre-surgical low hemoglobin, bleeding disorders and diseases, replacing blood lost during surgery, etc.
Blood transfusions have the potential to save your life after bariatric surgery and is a requirement to become a patient of Renew Bariatrics
Religious Beliefs
Some religions and sects, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, have restrictions with accepting blood transfusions and other medicines.  Even though we respects all religious and personal decisions, we cannot go against our surgeon’s surgical protocols.
Our surgeons’ protocol is standard for medical tourism and is consistent with their board-certified standing.  At Renew Bariatrics, we strongly prioritize the safety and wellbeing of patients. 
Renew Bariatrics’ staff and surgeons respect all religious beliefs and preferences.  For more information please contact our staff based on our policies. 

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