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Mexico Gastric Bypass Candidacy

Is Mexico Gastric Bypass Right For You?

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    Gastric Sleeve Candidacy

    Gastric sleeve surgery, are you a candidate?

    Obesity is a serious public health problem associated with increased morbidity and mortality and decreased the quality of life. According to the World Health Organization, in 2005 there were about 400 million obese adults worldwide (Noria & Grantcharov, 2013).

    The World Health Organization defines overweight as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or more and obesity as a BMI of 30 or more Obese patients are further categorized into class I (BMI 30–34.9), class II (BMI 35–39.9) and class III (BMI 40 or more)( Kaila & Raman, 2008).

    Gastric bypass surgery is the most common bariatric (weight loss) surgery. It reduces the capacity of the stomach and also the absorptive capability of the gut. Thus, it’s a form of restrictive as well as malabsorptive weight loss surgery. The absorptive capacity is reduced by refashioning the small intestine.

    Is Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico Right For Me? Please contact our helpful, knowledgeable patient educators who can help guide you through the entire process of getting approved of Gastric Bypass in Mexico.

    Every surgical procedure has indications (when to do the surgery) and contraindications. For all bariatric surgeries, they are indicated when a patient is morbidly obese or when there are significant comorbid conditions associated with obesity such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, sleep apnoea, etc.

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    What are the indications for gastric bypass surgery?

    There are no clear-cut indications for gastric bypass. However, consensus guidelines suggest that the surgical treatment of obesity should be reserved for patients with a body-mass index (BMI) >40 kg/m or with BMI >35 kg/m and 1 or more significant comorbid conditions or weight-induced physical problems interfering with performance of daily life activities (Pentin & Nashelsky, 2005).

    Surgical treatment of obesity is also indicated when less invasive methods of weight loss have failed, and the patient is at high risk for obesity-associated morbidity and mortality (Pentin & Nashelsky, 2005).

    Before you are scheduled for a gastric bypass surgery, your doctor will do a thorough evaluation to ensure that there is an indication for the procedure. Any medical condition that may increase the risk associated with the surgery or worsened by the surgery will be treated/ adequately optimized. Your psychological readiness and your adherence to dietary modification will also be given consideration.

    Thus the question of whether you are a candidate for gastric bypass can only be answered after your doctor has thoroughly evaluated you.

    Contact our helpful staff today to learn more about your candidacy for the gastric bypass surgery. Our staff can answer any questions you have along the way while helping educate you about your various obesity treatment options.

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    Is Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico Right For Me? Although Gastric Bypass is a great bariatric procedure, it’s not for everyone for good reason. Learn more today with our Free Consultation.