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Renew Bariatrics’ bariatric surgeons are double board-certified, bilingual, and top-reviewed. Each bariatric surgeon has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries.

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Tijuana & Cancun

Dr. Hector Joaquin Perez Corzo

Dr. Hector Perez has over 20 years of surgical experience and is a educator and teacher in field of bariatrics. Dr. Perez is widely considered one of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico. 

Doctor Hector Perez has trained at several leading universities including the University of Miami and Mexican National University. Dr. Perez is a leading board-certified bariatric surgeon by the Mexican Council of General Surgery.  

Doctor Hector Perez is compassionate about bariatric surgery being a bariatric patient himself.

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Dr. Jorge Green

Dr. Jorge Green has performed thousands of weight loss surgeries over the past 10 years. 

Doctor Jorge Green experience includes being a trauma surgeon at the Red Cross Tijuana Trauma Center, as well as general surgeon at Tijuana General Hospital. 

Dr. Green’s underwent gastric sleeve surgery himself, so he knows what the procedure does to your personal and professional life. Dr. Jorge Green can perform all various bariatric and metabolic procedures available. 

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Dr. Rene Armenta

Dr. Rene Armenta is a leading bariatric and general surgeon with thousands of procedures performed. 

Doctor Rene Armenta has memberships with the Internal Congress of Metabolic Disease and Obesity Surgery. Dr. Armenta has worked at the Mexican Red Cross Tijuana with the title of chief surgeon. 

Dr. Armenta is highly experienced in both the sleeve gastrectomy and roux-en-y gastric bypass procedure. 


Dr. Antonio Cueva​

Dr. Antonio Cueva is a leading bariatric surgeon who has trained under the renowned Dr. Juan Lopez Corvala.

Doctor Antonio Cueva held the title of Vice President of the Tijuana College of General Surgeons of the State of Baja California and Medical Director at the Center of Medical Florence. 

Dr. Cueva is another weight loss surgery patient himself, and knows what the dedication it requires pre-op and post-op. 


Meet Renew Bariatrics® Surgeons

Choosing the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico will have a significant impact on your surgical outcomes, and thus, ultimately your weight loss. Our staff is here to help you navigate through your weight loss journey with the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico.

Renew Bariatrics provides the most sought after set of bariatric surgical options including gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, revisional surgeries, gastric balloon, and including single-incision bariatric surgery. Since our inception, Renew Bariatrics surgeons, known as some of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico, have preformed thousands of bariatric procedures to patients worldwide.

At Renew Bariatrics, we understand the importance of selecting the right bariatric surgeon in Mexico. Our commitment is to offer patients access to the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico. When you choose our team, you’re entrusting your health to a group that has a reputation for excellence, precision, and patient satisfaction.

Why Renew Bariatrics

Renew Bariatrics® Differences

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Bariatrics Without Compromise

Renew Bariatrics® has long established a leading team of bariatric experts specializing in bariatric surgeries in a Medical Tourism setting. Renew Bariatrics® is the top choice for those seeking affordable, all-inclusive surgery with the bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico.

Renew Bariatrics® staff is comprised of highly-educated, caring surgeons who believe obesity is a disease and who believe you don’t have to compromise by choosing to have bariatric surgery in Mexico.

All of our doctors are bi-lingual, compassionate, and dedicated to your weight loss goals. Ready to schedule surgery or just learn more? Call 844-736-3963

At Renew Bariatrics, we understand the importance of selecting the right bariatric surgeon in Mexico. Our commitment is to offer patients access to the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana and Cancun Mexico. When you choose our team, you’re entrusting your health to a group that has a reputation for excellence, precision, and patient satisfaction.

Best Weight Loss Surgeons in Mexico

Renew Bariatrics’ surgeons have performed thousands of laparoscopic weight loss procedures with incredible life-changing results. Our surgeons have performed tens of thousands of general and bariatric surgeries.

Renew Bariatrics boasts over 500+ patient reviews just on Google alone. Renew Bariatrics’ surgeon’s have changed over 7,000 lives.

Is Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Safe?

Surgery in Mexico is incredible safe and just as effective as surgery in the US or Canada.

Our weight loss surgical packages include the best patient care with highly trained surgical nurses – dedicated to the treatment of obesity.

Why Renew Bariatrics

Choosing the Right Bariatric Surgeon

Choosing the right bariatric surgeon for you is critical to your post-op success. Renew Bariatrics’ bariatric surgeons have some of the best reviews industry-wide. When seeking the best bariatric surgeon you should look for the following:

  • Surgical Experience: Bariatric surgical experience comes in many forms, including lead and assisting surgery experience. Bariatric surgery is typically performed by two bariatric surgeons a lead surgeon with an assisting surgeon. You typically want your surgeon to have a mix of experience, with most surgical experience being the lead surgeon. Having experience with the surgery type of choice is also important to ensure safe and effective surgery.
  • Board-Certification: All of our bariatric surgeons are board-certified in bariatric surgery and general surgery. Bariatric surgery certification requires the surgeon to have extensive knowledge, experience, continuing education, and to pass the rigorous requirements by the governing medical board. 
  • Positive Reviews and Success Stories: Bariatric surgeon success stories and positive testimonials help to determine the surgeons demeanor and manner – which can be especially important when you decide to have weight loss surgery in Mexico. You want to seek out surgeons who have high success rates and positive reviews.

Checklist for Weight Loss Surgery

  1. Narrow your selection to two or three surgeons.
  2. Verify the surgeon’s license, board-certifications and credentials.
  3. Ensure your availability aligns with the surgeon’s availability.
  4. Qualify the surgeon’s bariatric center or hospital facility.
  5. Ensure the surgical packages is all-inclusive (for no financial surprises). 
  6. Review the post-op follow up and nutritional program.
  7. Consider the bariatric surgeon that answers all your questions

Bariatric Surgeons

Our Rigorous Surgical Standard

Our weight loss surgeons, renowned in Mexico, are highly educated, dedicating to their continuing education and the latest medical understanding of obesity and its treatment.

Renew Bariatrics surgical team uses the best practices for the highest success rates. For example, for the gastric sleeve surgery we use titanium staples (including Ethicon and Covidien), using the latest surgical staples, buttressing the staple line, and performing multiple leak tests.

Each surgeon, Dr. Hector Perez, Dr. Jorge Green, Dr. Antonio Cueva, and Dr. Rene Armenta, are dedicated to attending and participating in surgical, endoscopic, and obesity conferences to learn the latest findings relating to obesity treatment.

Our surgeons participate in industry associations and memberships, for example the: Mexican Board of General Surgery, Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery, International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), Mexican Association of General Surgery, and Mexican College of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeons.

Renew Bariatrics: Bariatric Surgeons FAQs

Frequently asked questions by those interested bariatric surgeries in Mexico.

All of Renew Bariatrics surgeons, considered among the best in Mexico, are fully-licensed, and approved to perform bariatric and bariatric-related surgeries in their jurisdiction.

All of our surgeons are board-certified by the Consejo Mexicano de Cirugia General, A.C. (Mexican Board of General Surgery) to practice surgery. Dr. Hector Perez, Dr. Jorge Green, and Dr. Rene Armenta are certified in bariatric surgery.

Each of our surgeons speak near perfect, conversational English. As well as their native Spanish language.

The cost for bariatric surgery in Mexico will vary depending on several factors. Please apply for bariatric surgery today to determine your exact pricing for weight loss surgery. 

Our bariatric surgeons can perform all major weight loss surgeries including the gastric sleeve (vertical sleeve gastrectomy), gastric bypass surgery, mini gastric bypass, revisional surgeries, gastric balloon, and various revisional surgeries. The procedures we don’t perform include the duodenal switch procedure and the lap-band procedure.

The lap band is an outdated bariatric surgery that provides poor weight loss and high rates of complications. Duodenal switch is no longer performed due to its high rates of complications and poor results.

All of our bariatric surgeries are performed at a bariatric center or hospital facility. We provide several options for patients during their approval process.

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