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Mexico Weight Loss Surgical Facilities

Mexico Hospital Facilities

Renew Bariatrics prides ourself on working the leading, best-in-class hospital and surgical facilities in Mexico. We work at hospitals that are designed explicitly for Tijuana, and Cancun medical tourists. With Renew Bariatrics, your surgical outcomes and safety is our highest priority.

We pride ourselves on selecting only the best-operating environments for successful bariatric surgery. Patients are often concerned about the operating facilities and how this plays into ensuring successful outcomes. To learn more read our FAQs or follow our patient news blog.

Tijuana – Hospital, Surgical Facilities

With Tijuana’s proximity to the US border, Tijuana has become the leading destination for weight loss surgery. Tijuana’s has many advantages over other medical tourist destinations in Mexico including the fact that Tijuana has prominent state-of-the-art hospital facilities with the highest quality of care.

Hospital Guadalajara - Floor ReceptionHospital Guadalajara – Tijuana

Hospital Guadalajara is a full-service hospital, who is one of three hospitals in Tijuana with CSG accreditation.  Located in downtown Tijuana, Mexico, Hospital Guadalajara was founded in 1959 by Dr. Jose Javier. The hospitals’ third floor is primarily dedicated to bariatrics with a primary focus on the laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery.

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Oasis of Hope Hospital – Tijuana

If you decide to undergo weight loss surgery at Oasis of Hope in Tijuana, your procedure will take place at a state-of-the-art facility. The hospitals’ second floor is dedicated to bariatrics with a primary focus on the laparoscopic gastric sleeve, laparoscopic gastric bypass.  Oasis Hospital is a leading bariatric surgery hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Cancun – Hospital, Surgical Facilities

Cancun is the leading tourist destination in Mexico. Cancun has become a leading destination for medical tourist patients because of it’s plenty of affordable airfare and great full-service hospitals.

Victoria Medical Center – Cancun

In downtown Cancun, is Victoria Medical Center which has been providing bariatric patients years for service. Victoria Medical Center is known for its state of the art laparoscopic weight loss equipment…

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