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Bariatric Surgery without Compromise

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Renew Bariatrics works with bariatric surgeons in Tijuana and Cancun to provide high-quality medical tourism services without compromise. We only work with bariatric specialists who are capable of performing the latest bariatric surgeries and gastric sleeve techniques shown to give the patient the best possible outcomes. Renew Bariatrics is committed to delivering high patient outcomes for those seeking an alternative to the high healthcare costs in the United States and Canada. To inquire about undergoing gastric sleeve with Renew Bariatrics, please contact our helpful staff. We are here five days a week to deliver out the best possible package for your situation.

Dedicated to Excellence​​

Renew Bariatrics is dedicated to excellence in bariatrics, keeping the highest standards possible for medical weight loss. Our team has experience and continual training in the latest surgical techniques and bariatric literature.

Patient Safety & Support

Our bariatric program and bariatric center is dedicated on providing the highest level of patient safety and support. Our transportation team will take you directly to our facility in Mexico, ensuring patient safety.

Affordable Packages​

We provide those who lack insurance or those wanting to self-pay, affordable rates for bariatric surgeries. Fair and transparent all-inclusive pricing along with top-notch care. Our packages include transportation, hospital, surgical, imaging, medication, and more. Consult with our team now for more information.

Decades of Surgical Experience

Our board-certified bariatric surgeons represent decades of combined surgical experience. Our surgeons are skilled at handling nearly every medical tourism case, expertise that only comes from performing thousands of bariatric procedures.

Renew Bariatrics vs the Competition

4.9 Rating

5.0 Rating

5.0 Rating

of Better Business Bureau*

5.0 Rating

4.9 Rating

Our reviews and feedback from patients is outstanding and is a testament to our commitment for quality, patient-centered comfort.

Read More Reviews from REAL Patients: Compare Renew Bariatrics vs Competitors:
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Our Medical Team

Renew Bariatrics is a leading bariatric surgery practice in Mexico.  Since our founding, we have helped thousands conquer obesity and reclaim their life back.

Our mission is to help those suffering from obesity discover the surgical treatment options with self-pay packages in Mexico.

Our bariatric surgeons have performed thousands of bariatric procedures under their belts. All of our bariatric surgeons perform each of the weight loss surgery procedures laparoscopically, which enables patients to be discharged and home in only a few days.

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Our Bariatric Services

Each bariatric procedure has its own set of risks and benefits. During the pre-operative evaluation, patients will work with their patient coordinator and surgeon to decide which procedure will best help them reach their goals. 

Bariatric Procedures:

Nervous of Selecting a Weight Loss Center in Mexico?

Medical tourism is growing and increasingly an option that thousands select for direct access to affordable care.

Renew Bariatrics is a leading bariatric surgery practice in Mexico.  Since our founding, we have helped thousands conquer obesity and reclaim their life back. 

  • Location: Renew Bariatrics facilities are strategically selected for convenience. In Tijuana, we operate in Zona Rio, which is a few blocks from our hotel and the US/Mexico border.
  • Transportation: Our transportation team will pick you up from the San Diego International Airport and drop you off at our facility. You’ll be taken care of by our friendly, English-speaking transportation team. 
  • Accommodations: Instead of a staying in ‘recovery center,’ you’ll stay in a luxury hotel in downtown Zona Rio, ensuring maximum proximity to the US/Mexico border, restaurants, shopping, and more.

Our approach to bariatric surgery medical tourism is similar to the regulations and standards as hospitals in Canada or the United States. 


With Renew Bariatrics, our skilled team has the experience to practice the highest safety standards. Learn more by contacting our staff.

Becoming a patient starts by filling out our surgical application. Once finished and reviewed, our team will reach out to discuss the next steps in detail.

Most of our staff is bilingual, English and Spanish, ensuring effective. communication.

Our Team is here to ensure your. approval is quick and seamless. Our 1-2-3 process will get you approved within 24 hours.