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Single-Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Renew Bariatrics is pleased to help our clients access single-incision gastric sleeve surgery (SILS) at world-class medical clinics and hospitals in Mexico. An advanced form of bariatric surgery that doesn’t require multiple large incisions, single-incision gastric sleeve is performed laparoscopically to reduce scarring and downtime.

Are you thinking about traveling to Mexico for weight loss surgery? Learn how our clinic may be able to help you to discover an affordable way to get SILS gastric sleeve surgery.

Very similar to the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, the SILS provides an aesthetic benefit of reduced scarring and faster recovery. 

We know that the idea of traveling for weight loss surgery can feel overwhelming. That’s why we take guesswork out of planning your procedure by providing transparent pricing, dedicated aftercare services, and positive patient outcomes. 

Why pick Tijuana for single-incision gastric sleeve surgery? Located just 16 miles from San Diego, Tijuana offers access to exceptional medical care just minutes from the U.S. border. Our patients enjoy a fully guided travel and care itinerary with an English-speaking transportation team.

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What is Gastric Sleeve SILS Surgery?

SILS surgery is an advanced form of bariatric surgery where only a small incision, about 5-12 mm in size, or ½ inch, is made above or just at the belly button. This procedure differs from the traditional surgery method where large or multiple incisions are needed to perform surgery.

Gastric sleeve SILS surgery is done laparoscopically. All instruments are inserted through this small incision reducing the scarring. The surgeon will use a camera inserted through the incision to navigate precisely and utilize other instruments to do the surgery.

After the procedure, the surgeon stitches up the incision before bandaging it. Since SILS requires a small incision, you do not end up with so many stitches. In most cases, the doctor will only use small strips of sterile tape. Most people won’t even know you had surgery.

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Procedure for Gastric Sleeve SILS Surgery​

Gastric sleeve SILS surgery is typically done in four steps.

A typical gastric sleeve SILS surgery takes 30 – 60 minutes. Most patients go home the same day of the surgery and resume their normal activities within a day or two. However, taking one week off is the most recommended option for better recovery.

After the procedure, you’ll have to stay on mashed food and liquids for two to three weeks. Then, you can start adding soft foods slowly before transitioning to regular food in your diet. The final transition normally occurs six weeks after the surgery.

The Traditional Laparoscopic Procedure

With the traditional laparoscopic procedure, the surgeon makes several small incisions, where four to six laparoscopic instruments get inserted. A special tool, known as a trocar, is then inserted to reduce the stomach by 80%.

After the stomach has been reduced in size, it is stapled close. The surgeon removes the unwanted stomach tissue and performs a leak test to ensure the stomach is properly sealed. The surgeon then closes the four to six incisions made.

What Our Clients Say

Real Renew Bariatrics 5-Star Reviews

 5-Star Review from Misty
5-Star Review from Misty
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“Renew Bariatrics was amazing! Every person was wonderful from the coordinators to the check in to the X-ray person to the doctors and the nurses and even the cleaning ladies. Every time I said thank you, they would stop what they were doing, look at me, and say ‘welcome’. So respectful!”
5-Star Review from Maryam
5-Star Review from Maryam
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“I had my procedure done from Renew Bariatrics and I had an amazing experience in 7 months. I have lost 95lb so far with zero complications and I’m lovin it and all my other medical problems have been resolved since I have lost weight. I highly highly recommend it.”
5-Star Review from Colleen
5-Star Review from Colleen
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“Exceptional patient care, I was very happy with my experience. Great attention to detail. Stayed on top of pain meds, and nausea meds. Facilities were clean. Everyone has a compassionate bedside manner, and highly recommend it to my friends and family.”
5-Star Review from Mandi
5-Star Review from Mandi
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“I had a wonderful experience with Renew Bariatrics. Everything was neatly organized and the entire process ran smoothly. The only hiccup had to do with our pickup to head back to the US, due to delays we left at 2:30 rather than noon. We knew something like that could happen though, so planned ahead and there were no real issues. I would absolutely recommend this group to friends and family, it’s very much worth it!”

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SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgeons in Mexico

Renew Bariatrics selects experienced, certified bariatric surgeons who set the standard for care to join our team of care providers catering to the needs of medical tourists in Tijuana. Our surgeons have performed thousands of weight loss procedures for patients around the world. We invite you to get to know our team!

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Dr. Héctor Joaquín Pérez Corzo

As our senior bariatric surgeon, Dr. Corzo has earned a reputation for excellence that attracts patients from all over the United States. Dr. Corzo is a board-certified bariatric surgeon and general surgeon. He has spent the last 15 years practicing bariatric surgery in Mexico.

In addition to obtaining training and degrees from the University of Miami, La Salle University, and Mexican National University, Dr. Corzo is certified by the Mexican College of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases and the Mexican Council of General Surgery.

His specialties include:

Alternatives to SILS Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve ​Surgery

If you are looking for the traditional laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, our team can help you to reduce calorie intake by reducing the size of your stomach. Following this procedure, your stomach will have a reduced capacity for food.​

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass surgery is a similar option for the SILS gastric sleeve. The benefits of the SILS included higher expected weight loss.

Gastric Balloon

The Gastric Balloon procedure is an aesthetically-minded bariatric option. The Gastric Balloon that is irreversible and provides weight loss with a reversible approach.

Good To Know

About SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Benefits of Single-Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery

SILS comes with a ton of benefits over traditional laparoscopic bariatric surgeries.

These include:

Minimal invasiveness – Gastric sleeve SILS surgery is minimally invasive since only a small incision is required. You also don’t end up with a large incision or scar.

Improved surgical experience and recovery time – since SILS is less invasive, you typically get a shorter recovery time. There’s also a reduced risk of complications and minimized discomfort.

Significant weight loss – most gastric sleeve SILS surgery patients achieve dramatic weight loss. According to the Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques, more than half of the patients lose 70.06% of their excess weight.

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Is SILS Right for Me?​

Not everyone is a candidate for single incision gastric sleeve surgery.

The following factors make you more eligible:

A BMI between 34 and 39 – Candidates who have a BMI above 40 may require more extensive surgery. If you have a BMI of 32 and certain co-morbidities, you may qualify for the procedure.

No more than two abdominal surgeries – If you’ve had more than two abdominal surgeries, you’re more likely to suffer complications from gastric sleeve SILS surgery. A different procedure may be recommended.

Total commitment to weight loss – gastric sleeve SILS surgery is not a magical way of achieving weight loss. You still have to commit to a proper exercise regime and a proper diet to see the full results.

Why Choose Medical Tourism

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), people travel abroad for medical care for many reasons, including a desire for less expensive care, recommendations from family and friends, or to receive a therapy not available in their country.

Renew Bariatrics offers access to a leading team of licensed, caring bariatric specialists catering to the needs of those seeking all-inclusive, affordable medical tourism in Tijuana. Our surgeons are at the forefront of helping patients reach their weight loss goals.

Our all-inclusive model allows you to enjoy affordable, predictable pricing without making any sacrifices regarding your comfort or quality of care.

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Candidates for Single-Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Each patient is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the requirements to be approved for a single-sleeve gastric sleeve include having a BMI under 35, being between the ages of 18 and 60, and having a realistic attitude toward diet and exercise.

A single-incision gastric sleeve procedure is only an option if you’ve never had abdominal surgery before. This procedure cannot be used for a revision surgery.

Our team will be happy to speak with you in-depth about what makes a person a good candidate for single-incision surgery.

Each patient is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the requirements to be approved for a single-sleeve gastric sleeve include having a BMI under 35, being between the ages of 18 and 60, and having a realistic attitude toward diet and exercise.

A single-incision gastric sleeve procedure is only an option if you’ve never had abdominal surgery before. This procedure cannot be used for a revision surgery.

Our team will be happy to speak with you in-depth about what makes a person a good candidate for single-incision surgery.

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Consult a Surgeon to Know Your Next Steps

SILS is the way to go when it comes to bariatric surgery, specifically restrictive gastric sleeve surgery. But it is not the most recommended option for everyone.

Get to know whether you are fully eligible for this procedure by consulting with our professionally trained staff. They will guide you on your next steps.

Costs of Single-Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana

Are you worried about the gastric sleeve cost? Renew Bariatrics offers affordable bariatric surgery in Mexico with 100% clear pricing with no surprises!

How Much Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana?

Our medical tourism single-incision gastric sleeve surgery procedures in Tijuana start at $5,399. You can get a price quote by calling 844-736-3963 or completing a form online.

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