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Cancun Weight Loss Surgery

As world leaders in affordable, safe, and effective weight loss surgery, Renew Bariatrics serves patients in both Tijuana and Cancun. Under the care and supervision of Dr. Hector Perez, you’ll receive top-notch care in a state-of-the-art facility that focuses on helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Welcome to Renew Bariatrics in Cancun

Formerly called Victoria Medical Center and now under the name of Hospital Azura Cancun, Dr. Perez has been providing high-quality medical tourism surgeries for many years, with thousands of procedures to his name. 

Hospital Azura has recently been remodeled to include state-of-the-art bariatric equipment, particularly when it comes to laparoscopic weight loss techniques. Dedicated to your comfort and safety, our facility is clean, modern and promises compassionate care to each patient.

We help people from around the world achieve their weight loss goals and are particularly appealing to patients from the United States who want to avoid paying the high prices for bariatric surgery in America. In many cases, our facilities and equipment are safer than those found in the United States, and our patients come to use them for the added assurance of a successful weight loss procedure. Our equipment includes state-of-the-art imaging machines, an on-site pharmacy, available emergency care, and an intensive care unit. 

Renew Bariatrics carefully selects its staff with comfort and safety in mind. You can rely on Dr. Hector Perez and his nurses and other employees to be understanding and helpful as you work toward achieving your weight loss goals. 

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High Safety Standards

Dr. Hector Perez comes highly regarded in the field of bariatrics with an outstanding education and a plethora of certifications that prove he stays on top of the latest industry trends and is well-trained to give each of his patients the best care possible. Renew Bariatrics reports many years of successful practice with thousands of procedures performed.

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Innovation and Experience

Not only are Dr. Perez and his staff well educated and well trained, but they engage in further study and practice as new techniques in the field of bariatrics become available, but they also use cutting-edge equipment to perform weight loss surgery. 

With a specialty in gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery, you can rely on Renew Bariatrics and Dr. Perez to help you lose weight using the latest and most effective treatments. He’s also very skilled in revisional surgeries in Cancun and can enhance or repair past surgeries that have stopped being effective.

Comprehensive Post-Op Care

When you’re in Cancun for bariatric surgery, you can expect comprehensive aftercare in addition to pre-op and surgery care. We have overnight facilities at the hospital or a hotel, and post-op check-ins and lodging are part of your price package in most cases. Dr. Perez and your nurses will ensure you are ready to be released and understand your new diet and activity restrictions before you are discharged. Renew Bariatrics is always available for consultation after your surgery if you are concerned or want to try something else to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Renew Bariatrics Procedures

Our procedures are carried out with the utmost attention to your specific needs and goals. At your initial consultation, our surgeons and staff can help you determine which surgery suits your needs.

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This surgery involves making your stomach smaller by removing a portion of it. This results in less space for food, dramatically reducing your calorie intake and helping you create a deficit that leads to weight loss. 

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With bypass surgery, part of your stomach is bypassed, again to reduce the amount of food you can eat in a single meal. This is one of the oldest types of weight loss surgery and has evolved to be quite safe and effective over the years.


A home diagram illustrating the anatomy of the digestive system.

Is the most complicated bariatric surgery, but it also boasts high success rates. It is performed by reducing the size of the stomach and bypassing part of the small intestine to promote healthy absorption of the food eaten, which can help reverse conditions that accompany obesity.

A diagram displaying various gastric balloons used at home.

This non-surgical form of weight loss procedure is temporary. A silicone device is placed in the stomach that is inflated to reduce space in the stomach so the patient eats less. While it can be quite effective, many patients return to old patterns of eating when the balloon is removed, which usually happens after 6 to 12 months.

Dr. Hector Perez

Dr. Hector Perez practices in both the Tijuana and the Cancun Renew Bariatrics facilities. He’s been a board-certified bariatric surgeon for more than 11 years and has completed thousands of successful and effective weight loss procedures. He was educated at the University of Miami, LaSalle University and Mexican National University. He’s certified by the Mexican College of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases and the Mexican Council of General Surgery.

As a world-renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Perez has also contributed to many publications that provide quality and up-to-date health information. That includes Eat This Not That, She Finds, Healthline, and Yahoo! News. Dr. Hector Perez works with many leading bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

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The Renew Bariatrics Difference

There are multiple reasons why Renew Bariatrics is so popular as a destination for medical tourism and healthy weight loss surgery. Among the reasons to choose us for your procedure are the following:

Glowing Reviews

Our patients have many good things to say about Dr. Perez, the Cancun facility, and the effectiveness of our procedures.

All-inclusive Pricing

Our upfront and transparent bariatric surgery packages won't leave you with hidden or surprise fees and will cover your care from start to finish.

Safety and Outcomes

We guarantee a safe and clean facility and a successful procedure if you do your part afterward.

Private Hospital Room

You will have the privacy and compassionate care you need after your surgery as you recover and prepare to go home.

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Located in downtown Cancun, Hospital Azura Cancun, formerly known as Victoria Medical Center, has been providing quality medical tourism for years.

Recently renovated, Hospital Azura is known for its state of the art laparoscopic weight loss equipment, well furnished intermediate care facilities and amenities to compliment bariatric procedures for your comfort and safety.

The medical staff has been carefully selected offer all of our patients and their families a luxury stay and what’s most important: safety and patient outcomes.

The hospital is equipped with Diagnostic Imaging equipment, on-site pharmacy, an Emergency Room Department and an Intensive Care Unit. It is one of the safest and cleanest hospitals in Cancun and surroundings to get medical treatment.

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