Travel Guide to Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: FAQs

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: Travel Warnings​

The US Department of State provides updated travel warnings to various countries.

There are no other travel restrictions for U.S. government employees in Baja California state. These include high-traffic tourism areas of border and coastal communities, such as Tijuana, Ensenada, and Rosarito.

Please view the most updated travel warnings about visiting Mexico here.

Tijuana Travel FAQs​

Is It Safe to go to Tijuana for Bariatric Surgery: Tijuana is incredible safe for patients travel for bariatric surgery. Renew Bariatrics uses its own transportation, hospital and hotel network to host thousands of successful surgeries every year. Read More Here.

Before 11:00am on the day of surgery.

If you cannot arrive by 11:00am, arriving the day before in San Diego and staying at a local hotel in San Diego is suggested. Or you can do the hotel before in Tijuana using the 1 hotel night before and not after, make sure to adjust departure time to 2pm.

You can select a hotel with a shuttle or take Uber from the airport to the hotel you select.

There is no need to return to the airport for pick-up within a 15 miles radius of the airport, our driver will pick you up in the lobby the day of your surgery. Pick-up beyond the 15 mile radius will be an additional $50.

San Diego Hotels that other patients have suggested and typical rates (please confirm shuttle times accommodate your flight):

Departure time is 12pm or after from hotel

If departing from hospital – 2pm or after

This time is established because of time to get to the airport because of the following conditions:

  • Medical Pass Lane opens at 8am
  • Border Crossing (especially in the mornings) can take 2+ hours
  • Must arrive at the airport 1.5-2 hours early.

If departing before 12pm it is required to stay in San Diego the night prior, especially for early morning flights, the crossing can take up to 2+ hours.

You can select a hotel with a shuttle or take Uber to the airport from the hotel you select.

San Diego Hotels that other patients have suggested and typical rates (please confirm shuttle times accommodate your flight):

While almost all of our patients stay only the 3 nights and are not really needed as well as discouraged most patients enjoy recovering in their own beds, staying an extra day in Tijuana or San Diego is permitted.

Departure times still apply for extra Tijuana days.

Tijuana extra nights are $100 extra and subject to availability (must notify coordinator ASAP – coordinator indicates the extra hotel according on AC)

The driver can also drop you at a San Diego hotel. Hotels with shuttles or Uber/Taxi will be required for airport return.

Suggested San Diego Hotels and typical rates (please confirm shuttle times accommodate your flight):

  • Holiday Inn Express Old Town $125+
  • Holiday Inn Bayside $150+ (619) 224-3621
  • Howard Johnson SeaWorld <$100 (619) 224-8266

While almost all of our patients (85%) stay the 3 nights, not staying in Tijuana or San Diego is permitted.

Flight departure time should be scheduled after 2pm due to discharge time in midmorning and border crossing time.

Tijuana: Real Inn Tijuana Zona Rio –

Address: P.º de los Héroes 9902, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Make sure when you google it you find the tall white building. 7 stories tall.

  • Rooms very modern – hardwood floors, marble counters, walk-in rain shower
  • WIFI
  • Gym
  • Spa (for massage and facials)
  • NO pool (cannot submerge incisions anyways for 4 weeks)
  • Restaurant for companion (patient has clear liquid diet from room service 3x day)
  • Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Pharmacy, Movie Theater (all movies in English), Casino across the street
  • Full Service/Size Starbucks in bottom
  • (3) Complimentary Bariatric Clear Diet provided via room service 

Yes but please be advised of following:

  • On own for immigration
  • must have a passport
  • have about 6 check points
  • The lines standing for immigration after surgery are intense as well
  • Usually flights into Tijuana go thru Mexico City which is 6 hr flight as well

Yes, we have not had any issues, nor do we plan to.

In the event that it were to close we have an alternate crossing about 20 minutes away.

We will always insure a way and your safety.

Cancun Travel FAQs​

Yes, a lot of guest treat Cancun as vacation. The driver will pick you up and drop you off on the day of your arrival or departure regardless of when it is, as long as it is in the Hotel Zone (google: Zona Hotelera) we are not legally permitted to pick up outside of this area.

Do remember though to have your dietary needs that may be hard to accommodate in a hotel/foreign city.

(1) hotel night is included but can be eliminated for your own choice of hotels.

Yes, but please do realize you will be on your post-op diet at this time and require specific foods that are harder to acquire. Additionally swimming is not permitted until week 4. Staying before is encouraged.

***Cancun hotel booked by patient must be in Zona Hotelera

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