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    In 2017 alone, more than 1.4 million people left the US for Mexico to receive medical treatment. A good number of them opted for gastric sleeve surgery. That number has been growing year by year. Most people find it hard to answer how much they’re actually going to spend on their procedure. Will insurance even cover it? And what hidden costs are there, if any?

    How Much Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    Gastric sleeve surgery costs between $4,000 and $30,000. The affordability is greatly determined by where you opt to get the surgery done.

    Costs of gastric sleeve surgery are costly in the US. You can spend anywhere between $14,500 to $20,000 on a single procedure.

    In Mexico, on the other hand, the prices are much lower. On average, you’ll spend $4,500 on a proper procedure done by qualified professionals in an internationally acclaimed facility. That applies if you have insurance. Without insurance, the price can shoot to $13,000.

    The cost of this surgery includes anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, facility fees, X-ray fees, pre-operative lab fees, and follow-up care.

    Apart from varying by location, the amount you pay will also vary based on the surgeon and the number of days you need to stay in the hospital.

    Other Costs

    Besides the stated fees, gastric sleeve surgery may cost you some extras, such as a consultation fee with the dietician or nutritionist. This fee ranges from $70 – $100 per visit. The initial consultation, however, may be higher.

    Does Insurance cover it?

    Most insurance companies cover the costs of gastric sleeve surgery. However, some companies may cover all the expenses, while some might only cover a portion, especially if it’s related to an underlying medical condition.

    This condition may be sleep apnea or heart disease, and losing weight via diet and exercise is not viable.

    For insurance companies that require an underlying condition, you must document them to validate why the weight loss surgery is necessary.

    This makes it a good idea to check with your insurance provider before committing to the surgery. Even if they don’t cover bariatric surgery, the policy may still offset some costs such as lab work, preparatory exams, and other pre-op requirements.

    How to Get Approved

    Before your insurance can pay for the procedure, you have to get their approval first. It is best to leave this part of the process to an expert. Insurance rejection, approvals, denials, and appeals can be hectic to handle.

    In most cases, your surgeon will have an in-house expert who’ll handle the approval process for you.

    Once you’ve received your approval, stay on top of all duties and appointments. Document everything and keep tabs with the specialist regularly.

    This is because most insurance companies will require different tests and documents to maintain the coverage for the procedure. They’ll also need you to visit approved specialists such as cardiologists and psychotherapists.

    How You Can Finance and Pay for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    If you don’t have insurance to pay for part or all gastric sleeve surgery costs, you can pay for the procedure out of pocket. Most hospitals and bariatric surgeons offer payments plans that allow patients to pay in installments.

    You can also use your credit card to finance the surgery.

    However, you should note that gastric sleeve surgery costs more money out of pocket than insurance.

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost Graph

    CareCredit Credit Card

    The CareCredit credit card is a great alternative if you lack insurance and out-of-pocket finances to pay for your gastric sleeve surgery. This credit card helps people afford medical procedures that are either not covered by insurance, or the out-of-pocket costs are too steep. You can use the CareCredit credit card to pay for the surgery and tests, doctor visits, follow-up care, and other expenses related to the gastric sleeve surgery. The only requirement is that the location is in the CareCredit network.

    What are the Costs of Obesity?

    Gastric sleeve surgery can be expensive. However, obesity will cost you more in the following ways:

    Increased healthcare spending

    According to the STOP Obesity Alliance, obese patients spend about $4,800 more on health care per year than their normal-weight counterparts.

    Lower wages

    The Obesity Action Coalition reports that obese women earn up to 6% less than their normal-weight coworkers. Obese men, on the other hand, earn 3% less.

    More time away from work

    Some health economists report that obese men take 5.9 more sick days per year than normal-weight men. On the other hand, obese women take 9.4 more sick days.

    Go for the Best Financing Method for A Smoother Experience

    Gastric sleeve surgery is one step to a long life of living healthy and making conscious lifestyle choices around your weight. Therefore, spend your money on professional services in a top-notch facility that will see you reap the best value for your money.

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