Gastric Sleeve Cost in Mexico​

Explore and understand the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. 


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Costs in Mexico of Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexicoa procedure that reduces the size of the stomach to curb food intake, has become an increasingly popular choice for shedding excess weight, all at an affordable cost. For many, the prospect of gastric sleeve surgery offers significant promise for achieving lasting weight loss and improved health. However, without health insurance coverage, the high cost of surgery can concerning.

Mexico offers a viable option, providing significant cost savings without compromising quality. The gastric sleeve Mexico cost is substantially lower than in many other countries, making it an attractive destination for medical tourism patients.

We will examine the financial aspects, potential costs, and payment options to make this life-altering procedure accessible to uninsured individuals. From understanding the expenses involved to exploring alternative routes, including the cost-effective option of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to take charge of your health.

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How Much Is A Gastric Sleeve In Mexico?

If you are considering going to Mexico for gastric sleeve, it is important to know the average costs. In Mexico, the cost of gastric sleeve will typically run $4,600-$6000 USD, although the cost can vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • Location
  • Surgeon
  • Hospital
  • Surgeon fee
  • Hospitals fee
  • Anesthesiologist fee
  • Health conditions

Some surgeons may also charge for preoperative testing and postoperative visits. It is important to discuss all of the associated costs with your surgeon before scheduling the gastric sleeve surgery.

That is why it’s important to choose an all-inclusive provider in Mexico like Renew Bariatrics. We work hard to maintain low and transparent prices for our patients, while providing a quality surgical process.

Gastric Sleeve Costs in Mexico

If you are willing to travel for your gastric sleeve surgery, you may be able to save money on the cost of the procedure. Renew Bariatrics  top bariatric surgeons who offer lower rates for the gastric sleeve procedure.

If the patient is willing to travel to Mexico, they can save material on the self-pay cost. If you are interested in traveling for your surgery, speak with our patient coordinators, about your options and research the cost of surgery in Mexico.

When it comes to getting the best value for your money, Mexico’s cost of the gastric sleeve can be quite competitive. The combination of experienced surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, and affordable prices has made Mexico a leading destination for weight loss surgeries.

By understanding the detailed breakdown of costs and comparing it with prices in other countries, you’ll find that Mexico stands out for its quality and affordability in bariatric surgeries

What is Included in Gastric Sleeve in Mexico Cost?

With Renew Bariatrics, you can expected all-inclusive bariatric surgery without compromise. What’s included in the cost of your gastric sleeve surgery is the following:

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Paying for the Gastric Sleeve Costs

Once you have made the decision to have the gastric sleeve in Mexico paying for the procedure is an important part of the process.

Your bariatric surgeon may offer a payment plan so you can pay for your gastric sleeve costs in installments. A flexible spending account (FSA) health or savings account (HSA) maybe another way to pay for the costs. A credit card is also a way to finance the cost of weight loss surgery.

Financing companies are also willing to offer loan products specifically designed to help you pay for pay for gastric sleeve surgery costs abroad.  Before deciding on financing, ensure you understand the terms, interest rates, and monthly payments.

Costs of Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Location

Gastric sleeve surgery costs typically range significantly, for example, in New York City the cost averages $27,000, while in Houston the cost is $14,000. 

It’s important to note that when we surveyed these costs, not all providers include everything Renew Bariatric includes. This means transportation and hotel, nutritional support, may all be extra costs. 

In addition, some providers in the US require you to pay for the hospital costs on your own. 

Compared with Mexico, Costa Rica typically costs $10,000, Thailand costs $13,000 and Australia costs $14,000. It’s important to note that internationally, you must convert prices to USD for comparison. 

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost & Financing FAQs

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery on average is $17,000 USD, with the range between $13,000 to $25,000 in the United States. 

With insurance can vary depending on your health insurance plan. Some health insurance plans may cover the entire cost of the surgery, while others may only cover a portion of the cost. It is important to contact your health insurance provider to find out what coverage you have for gastric sleeve surgery.

In Mexico, bariatric surgery is all self-pay. You cannot use your insurance for surgery in Mexico. We do offer bariatric surgery financing for those wanting another option to pay for surgery.

Since gastric sleeve surgery is considered a medical procedure, many of the costs associated with the surgery can be tax deductible. This includes the costs of the surgery itself, as well as any associated travel expenses or costs incurred due to hospitalization. Patients should speak with their tax preparer to determine exactly what costs can be claimed on their tax return.

The amount of out-of-pocket costs that are tax deductible will vary depending on the individual’s financial situation. However, in most cases, a significant portion of the costs will be able to be claimed on taxes.

When considering gastric sleeve cost in Mexico, it’s also vital to determine if the procedure is right for you. Qualifying for the surgery often involves meeting specific health criteria and ensuring that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for the lifestyle changes post-surgery.

The cost-saving benefits of having the procedure in Mexico can be significant, but ensuring you’re a suitable candidate is crucial for the surgery’s success.

The best way to find out if you qualify for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is to speak with our staff. They will be able to perform an evaluation and let you know if you are a good candidate for the surgery.

Other insurance coverage options may include Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance plans. It is important to research all of your insurance coverage options in order to find the best option for you.

Some private insurance companies may offer bariatric surgery coverage as a part of their policy. Medicare and Medicaid do not typically cover the cost of bariatric surgery, but they may cover some of the post-operative care associated with the surgery.

One option is to use insurance coverage to pay for the procedure. This, however can be time intensive, as many health insurance plans require lengthy and strict approval process.

Another option is to pay for the surgery with cash. This may be a more expensive, however, it is typically more convenient and can save you months or even years of waiting. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of both options before making a decision about how to pay for your surgery.

Request a Gastric Sleeve Cost Quote & Insurance Check

The cost quote and insurance check will provide patients with a better understanding of the costs associated with their procedure, as well as what portion may be covered by their health insurance company or what your co-pay will be. 

The average co-pay for gastric sleeve procedure is $7,000 USD in the United States. 

When considering whether or not to have gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico vs the US, it is important for patients to understand exactly what the procedure will cost and if their insurance will cover any of the expenses. 

Many patients who opt for traveling to Mexico for the gastric sleeve surgery, have exhausted all the traditional routes obtaining surgery. Patients should inquire with a bariatric surgeon about a cost quote as well as an insurance check (an inquiry into whether or not your insurance company will cover any of the costs associated with your surgery) before committing financially to surgery. 


Cost of Gastric Sleeve in Mexico vs. Other Bariatric Procedures

If you’re considering the gastric sleeve surgery procedure, it’s important to understand the other procedures available in Mexico. Renew Bariatrics provides a wide arrange of attractive bariatric surgery prices in Mexico. Contact us today to get a free surgical price quote today!

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Getting approved for bariatric surgery in Mexico is not vastly different from other countries. Along with the medical evaluation, considering the gastric sleeve cost is typically the first step. By working closely with your patient coordinator, we can ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to maximize safety and success while obtaining a quote for surgery.