Renew Bariatrics® vs Bariatric Centers in Mexico

Why Competitors Don't Compare to Renew Bariatrics®

Why Competitors Can't Match Renew Bariatrics®

Renew Bariatrics is a leader in bariatric surgery in Mexico. Renew Bariatrics has performed over 8,000+ bariatric surgeries for patients just like you. Our truly all-inclusive pricing is unmatched by competitors like Mexico Bariatric Center or Pompeii Surgical.

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Renew Bariatrics provides packages with board-certified surgeons at premier hospitals in Mexico. Other competitors may feel the need to perform the surgeries at clinics, we don’t compromise.

Our value is unrivaled for most patients with low-cost pricing and a package that other competitors charge $1,000s more.

Don’t take our word for it. Our strong reputation and excellent reviews is why thousands have already taken the first step. Take yours today.


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Comparison of Renew Bariatrics Competitors

Compare bariatric centers in Mexico is an important step in selecting the right bariatric provider. Looking at Renew Bariatrics strengths versus the competition is a straightforward way to see why over 8,000+ patients have chosen Renew Bariatrics.


Renew Bariatrics ensures our prices are unmatched. Many claim their prices are lower, but once you get started you’ll realize they make up the difference with hidden fees. In addition to hidden fees, many will charge patients extra for things that should be included, like take-home medicine or fluoroscopy.

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Lifetime Nutritional Support

Post-operatively your success will depend on several factors. One of which will be your nutrition. We realize the need for regular consultations with our nutritions and don’t charge extra for it.

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Private Room and Bathroom

Unlike other bariatric centers in Mexico, we only offer packages only with a private hospital room, including your own private bathroom. Other centers can charge you extra for your own room and bathroom. The last thing you want is to worry about your neighbor while recovering from bariatric surgery. Ensure privacy for you and your companion.

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Bariatric Protocols

Our bariatric surgeons will perform the gastric sleeve surgery or other bariatric procedures with the proper bariatric protocols for minimal complications and high expected weight loss.

This includes, buttressing the gastric sleeve surgical line, and ensuring proper bougie size for your safety.

Medical Tourism for Bariatrics Competitor Comparison

We have ranked the following competitors by various attributes we have discovered in our analysis along with the strengths of Renew Bariatrics.

This chart will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Renew Bariatrics vs Competitors honestly and accurately as we can. Below we will analyze: Mexico Bariatric Center ®, Endobariatric ®, Pompeii Surgical, Obesity Control Center, Medical Tourism Co, Tijuana Bariatrics Center, Jet Medical Tourism and others.

Renew Bariatrics vs Mexico Bariatric CenterMexico Bariatric Center is a bariatric center that has performed over 10,000 bariatric surgeries and currently works out of the Hospital Mi Doctor facility. Mexico Bariatric Center has been in operation for years and has a solid reputation with patients. 

Mexico Bariatric Center works with Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, Dr. Ismael Cabrera, Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez, Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez, Dr. Miguel Montalvo and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna Rubio.

Mexico Bariatric Center currently charges a minimum of $4,595 for the gastric sleeve procedure. Mexico Bariatric Center has a 4.8 rating from over 270 Google reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs Elias Ortiz & CoElias Ortiz & Co. (EOC) is a popular bariatric surgery center. Dr. Elias Ortiz (EOC) is a bariatric surgeon that use to work with A Lighter Me since 2015. EOC employs other surgeons including Dr. Almino Ramos and Dr. Mariano Covarrubias.

Dr. Elias Ortiz works out of various hospitals in Mexico and has pricing starting at $4,350 for the gastric sleeve surgery. But be aware that take-home medicines and some required medical testing may not be included in this price.

It’s important to review all costs and everything that is included when you schedule with EOC. They currently do not have a Google rating or reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs A Lighter MeA Lighter Me was founded over a decade ago, but has recently been closed and non operational. A Lighter Me was founded by Sandy Johnston, a bariatric surgery patient herself. 

Since the founding, A Lighter Me has performed thousands of procedures. A Lighter Me worked at Hospital Mi Doctor. 

A Lighter Me’s surgeon Dr. Elias Ortiz has since moved on to form another company Elias Ortiz and Company, or EOC. Dr. Elias Ortiz has performed thousands of bariatric procedures. 

Renew Bariatrics vs Tijuana BariatricsTijuana Bariatrics or Tijuana Bariatrics Center, has been in business with Dr. Fernando Garcia since 2013. They currently work only with Dr. Fernando Garica, who has two decades of experience in medical tourism.

Tijuana Bariatrics works out of various hospitals in Tijuana including Hospital CER and Blue Medical Hospital. They currently use Marriott Hotel for after surgery stay.

Tijuana Bariatrics currently holds a 4.9 rating from 41 reviews from Google.

Renew Bariatrics vs Pompeii SurgicalPompeii Surgical is a major choice for bariatric surgery in Mexico. Pompeii Surgical is headed by Dr. Sergio Quinones, but works with various bariatric surgeons including Dr. Enrique Saucedo, Dr. Luis Pasten, and Dr. Carlos Galindo Lopez.

Pompeii Surgical has beautiful rooms, but they are shared with another patient. You can opt for a private room with a bathroom, but it will be an extra charge. They currently use a recovery house for your after surgery stay located in Rosarito. 

Pompeii Surgical also has a in-house financing option, but it requires you to make a down payment of about $2,500 USD.

They have a 4.9 rating from over 500 Google reviews. However, they charge a minimum of $5,300 for the gastric sleeve procedure.

Renew Bariatrics vs Weight Loss AgentsWeight Loss Agents provides weight loss surgeries with numerous bariatric surgeons including Dr. Mario Almanza. Weight Loss Agents offers surgeries at a low price below Renew Bariatrics. It’s important to consider everything included and it is all-inclusive.

Weight Loss Agents provides bariatric surgeries in other countries outside of Tijuana, and even Mexico. They offer a price starting at $3,599 for the gastric sleeve procedures.

Weight Loss Agents and Dr. Mario Almanza currently works out of Baja Hospital. They currently have a 3.9 rating from 26 Google reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs Obesity Control CenterObesity Control Center has been around for over a decade and has performed over 25,000 procedures (according to their website). Obesity Control Center is operated by Dr. Ariel Ortiz, who has been featured on various media and news programs.

Obesity Control Center also works with Dr. Arturo Martinez and Dr. Marcos Castaneda. Pricing for surgery can start at over $9,000 USD but we’ve seen prices that vary. The packages may not be all-inclusive, talk with your coordinator to confirm everything you are getting.

Obesity Control Center operates its own center in downtown Tijuana. The center has the following accreditations including the Joint Commission International and the Center of Excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation (a paid-for accreditation). Obesity Control Center currently has a 4.9 Google rating from over 200 reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs EndobariatricEndobariatric is operated by bariatric surgeon Dr. Guillermo Alvarez. Endobariatric center is in Piedras Negras, Mexico. The Endobariatric center is 149 miles from San Antonio, Texas, and a little challenging to get to for most US and Canadian patients.

Endobariatric also works with Dr. Gabriel Rosales and Dr. Cristobal Garza. Endobariatric has impeccable reviews, with a 5 star rating from nearly 400 google reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs Medical Tourism CoMedical Tourism Co works with many Doctors in Mexico providing many procedures including dental and bariatrics. Medical Tourism Co currently does not have a Google rating.

Renew Bariatrics vs Mexico Bariatric ServicesMexico Bariatric Services is owned by Medical Tourism Co. and works with numerous bariatric surgeons. Mexico Bariatric Services offer surgeries starting at $4,295 and works with surgeons including Dr. Guillermo Loepz.

Mexico Bariatric Services currently has a 4.9 rating from over 140 Google reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs Lighter DreamLighter Dream works with Dr. Miguel Navarro, Dr. Omar Pailpilla for bariatric surgeries.

Lighter Dream works out of Hospital CIBA, Oasis of Hope, Hospital Guadalajara in downtown, and Rio Hospital. 

Lighter Dream offers packages starting at $4,299 USD. Lighter Dream currently has a 5 rating from only 3 Google reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs Oasis BariatricsOasis of Hope Bariatrics, or Oasis Bariatrics, is a bariatric company focusing on performing surgery at the Oasis of Hope hospital. Oasis of Hope Bariatrics works with Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos, and Dr. Luis Perez Corona (not to be confused to Dr. Hector Perez).

Oasis of Hope Bariatrics hold a 4.7 Rating from 127 reviews.

Renew Bariatrics vs ALO BariatricsALO Bariatrics is a bariatric center founded by Dr. Alejandro Lopez. Dr. Alejandro Lopez has a strong reputation in the bariatric industry with over 6,000 surgeries performed. 

ALO Bariatrics is named after the initials of Dr. Alejandro Lopez. ALO Bariatrics currently works out of Hospital Guadalajara in downtown Tijuana.

ALO Bariatrics currently has a 4.8 rating from 20 Google Reviews.

Renew Bariatrics Comparison

This Renew Bariatrics comparison chart highlights the differences between Renew Bariatrics and other bariatric centers in Mexico. As you consider your options, remember that although some centers will say they are all-inclusive – they are not. Many centers in Mexico will not even include take-home medications that are necessary post-operatively.

Renew Bariatrics makes it easy to begin your journey with an Easy 1-2-3 process. Many of our patients can schedule their surgeries within a few hours.

Other important questions when selecting a bariatric surgeon will include common objections that customers may raise when considering Renew Bariatrics. Here are some commonly asked questions.

Renew Bariatrics FAQs

  • Why are other bariatric centers in Mexico more expensive?
    • Other centers will charge much more for the same service and care you could get with Renew Bariatrics. We focus on developing a premium, all-inclusive package for patients as part of our marketing strategy. This keeps costs low, and we are able to pass the savings on to you.
  • Other bariatric companies have been longer in business than Renew Bariatrics?
    • It’s true other companies have been in business for longer than Renew Bariatrics. But since our founding in 2017, we’ve helped thousands of patients. Our founding team had nearly a decade of experience in medical tourism for bariatrics and our bariatric surgeons have over 50 years of combined experience.
  • My family/friends went with another bariatric surgeon?
    • We want you to feel comfortable with your decision. We will never try to pressure you into a decision you don’t feel comfortable with. If you are more comfortable with another company or surgeon, we encourage you to choose them.
  • What’s the catch?
    • There is no catch which is why over 8,000+ patients choose Renew Bariatrics.
    • Renew Bariatrics was started with the belief that you should never have to compromise on safety or care. That is why we developed a premium package for patients at an affordable price.

About Renew Bariatrics® vs Competitors

Renew Bariatrics® vs Bariatric Centers in Mexico is a page to help highlight the differences between Renew Bariatrics and other bariatric centers in Mexico.

This page was developed by reviewing data sources, official websites, and reviews of: A Lighter Me®, Endobariatric, ALO Bariatrics, Pompeii Surgical®, Obesity Control Center (OCC), BeLiteWeight, Ready4aChange®, Mexico Bariatric Center®, Mexico Bariatric Services, Elias Ortiz and Company (EOC), Tijuana Bariatrics Center (TBC), Lighter Dream, and Oasis Bariatrics.

This page is meant for research and educational purposes only. It’s important to do your own research and comparison. The statements found here are from research found online and is accurate to the best of our knowledge in March 2024.

Mexico Bariatric Center® is a registered trademark of SOURCiS, Inc. A Lighter Me® is a registered trademark of Bravo Development, LLC. Ready4aChange® is a registered Trademark of Ready4aChange, LLC.

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