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Gastric Sleeve Success Stories

Patient Before and After Photos

Struggling with obesity or unwanted pounds can be daunting. The treatment options are varied, and there is misinformation nearly on the web.

Today, individuals suffering from obesity have outweighed those who are normal weight. This trend is trending upwards and has no signs of slowing down. The obesity crisis has to lead many individuals searching for a proven treatment for obesity, and finding the laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure.

Ready for your own success story? A short form below is the only thing stopping you from changing your life today. 

Gastric Sleeve Success Stories*

How I’ve Lost 60 lb. and Counting

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Date: Feb 2018

Weight Lost: 60 Pounds

Now July 2nd will mark my 5 months. Anniversary. I still have 30lbs to go but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to God and all the doctors and nurses and staff for this new lease on life! I have a waist and boobs that are not one roll lol and one chin, not 3. I can’t wait to get this last 30lbs OFF but I am SO GRATEFUL for the 60 that are GONE!

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Mother of Three
Mother of 3 Gets Her Life Back

When you see yourself in the mirror every day sometimes the progress is hard to see, but side by side it’s pretty clear!
Mother of 3 struggled with losing weight after her last child. When the pounds would not budge after countless diets she turned to a more permanent solution

had the sleeve done back in February as I struggled with my weight for so long? So thankful I did!

What a long way we’ve come!

Yoga Testimonial
How I’ve Lost 60 lb. and Counting

Bariatric Surgery: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Hector Perez

Starting Weight: 226

End Weight: 161


I don’t regret my decision and believe having the sleeve surgery was the best decision I’ve made in my life. Read her testimonial and before and after pictures.

Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photos*

Gastric Sleeve Success Stories

Gastric Sleeve Success Rates*

Gastric Sleeve is a well-researched bariatric (weight-loss) surgery, with important statistics to show it performs well for the vast majority of patients, resulting in many success stories and significant expected weight loss. For those who need to lose fifty, hundred pounds, the gastric sleeve procedure is the most desirable procedure, with a good ‘fit’ for most patients.

Success Stories Dr. Montano
How do patients after surgery get to a success story?*

Patients focusing on postoperative diet and exercise will have greater success and more expected weight-loss than those who primarily rely just on the procedure itself. In fact, most unsuccessful patients after surgery can be traced to those who do not follow the surgeon’s recommendations and considerations.
Dedication to the Gastric Sleeve Diet Guide

Securing Your Own Gastric Sleeve Success Story*

Do you need to lose fifty, a hundred or more pounds? Then you might be a good candidate for the gastric sleeve procedure. We have developed a quick candidate form to determine your candidacy quickly and easily.

Success Story Dr. Perez

Start your journey today! Takes just five minutes to change the direction of your life. Speak with our patient educators today!

About Renew Bariatrics

Renew Bariatrics and their surgeons have helped individuals at all stages of their lives conquer obesity. Renew Bariatrics success stories span gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric banding, duodenal switch, revisional surgery, and gastric balloon.


Today obesity rates are increasing at significant rates, with many organizations increasing accepting bariatric surgery as a meaningful and proven treatment for obesity. The following organizations include:


If you’re struggling with obesity and have yet to get down to your ideal weight, you may be able to leverage the gastric sleeve procedure to lose weight effectively. Gastric sleeve is a proven, and safe treatment – with minimal side effects, risks, and high expected weight loss.

Are you ready to renew your life? Contact our incredibly knowledgeable staff to see if the gastric sleeve is right for you.