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Why would over 130,000 people go through gastric sleeve surgery every year? Because of its efficacy.

Most patients who undergo this procedure lose up to 60% of their excess weight. This includes people keen on their post-operative guidelines and those who were not, though the former see the most results.


I Now Have the Chance to Work on Everything I’ve Always Wanted

Christina is a 39-year-old mother of four who underwent gastric sleeve surgery in June 2018. Since then, she has lost 128lbs. Christina confesses that at least she now has the energy to keep up with her bubbly kids. She also has the energy to chase after her life-long dreams.

A great lesson to pick from her story is how she ditched insurance cover for a better medical cover offered by the surgery center. It took her six years to even get close to getting insurance coverage for the procedure. The surgery center processed it in months.


I’ve Lost More Than 60lbs

Before Jess went for gastric sleeve surgery, she weighed 226lbs. 5 months later, she was down to 161lbs. That is 60lbs of weight loss.

Jess has not complained of any post-op complications. There have been no psychological issues dealing with food, she has not thrown up once or gotten sick at all, and she’s only overfed once. Her current diet has a lot of vitamins and protein shakes in it.

She has also opened up a Yoga studio and started going to the gym occasionally.

Trinity's After Picture from Gastric Sleeve


60lbs Lost, 30 More To Go

Trinity had her gastric sleeve surgery in February 2018. Five months in, she had also lost 60lbs. Her goal is to lose 90lbs and achieve her desired weight.

She describes her experience at the surgery center as fantastic. The staff is friendly and very caring. She even had an amazing driver. Her goal is to lose the remaining 30lbs in a few months, and she’s well on track.

Find a Surgery Center or Surgeon Where You’ll Get the Best results

To achieve such kind of success and have such heart-warming success stories is strongly tied to the surgeon or surgery center you’ll get the gastric sleeve surgery done. Find a surgery center or surgeon who is highly qualified to get the most out of your money, time, and commitment.

Also, make sure they offer you a quick candidate form to judge your candidacy faster so you can have the procedure sooner and reap the benefits earlier.

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