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Obesity Surgical Center

Tijuana Bariatric Surgery Hospital

Obesity Surgical Center is a recently opened bariatric surgery hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Obesity Surgical Center was fully built in 2020 with 10 patient rooms and 2 Operating Rooms.

Dr. Hector Perez, one of Tijuana’s leading bariatric surgeons, performs all types of bariatric and revisional surgeries at Obesity Surgical Center. The hospital features the latest surgical and medical equipment to undergo surgery without ever leaving the hospital.

Obesity Surgical Center comes with all the amenities you would expect including high-speed internet access, TV system for entertainment, single rooms for patient’s privacy and security.

Obesity Surgical Center

Sterilization Process

Obesity Surgical Center strives itself on its entire set of surgical instruments undergoing strict sterilization process.

Patient Safety & Support

The hospital is located in the center of city with a locked gate 24/7. Nearby the hospital located to local and chain restaurants for convenient companion meals.

Decades of Surgical Experience

Our board-certified bariatric surgeons represent decades of combined surgical experience. Dr. Hector Perez has over 10 years of surgical experience, dedicated directly to medical tourism.

Patient Reviews of Obesity Control Center

Our reviews. from patients are outstanding, highlighting the patient care and dedication.  Learn why Obesity Surgical Center is. one of the leading bariatric centers in Tijuana, by contacting our helpful staff today.

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