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How We Compare Against the Competition

Since our founding we’ve helped over 8,000 patients, Renew Bariatrics has been one of the leaders in affordable self-pay bariatric surgery for those looking for weight loss surgery.

Renew Bariatrics offers various bariatric surgery solutions, including gastric sleeve, single-incision gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, gastric balloon, and revisional bariatric procedures. Renew Bariatrics’ bariatric surgeons in Mexico are caring and highly skilled in bariatric and weight loss surgery, helping patients achieve life-changing results.

Renew Bariatrics is the leading choice for self pay, affordable self-pay gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Evaluating Bariatric Centers in Mexico 

Since our founding we’ve focused on providing excellent patient care at an affordable price. When comparing Renew Bariatrics’ reviews to those of competitors, it’s important to look holistically at reviews from all sources. By evaluating reviews from different platforms, you can assuredly determine the bariatric centers’ true patient rating. 

This is why, Renew Bariatrics proudly offers all of our patients to see our reviews on all platforms and websites. Does a bariatric center offer patients a platform to review them? Are reviews, of a bariatric center, only on one platform? These are questions patients must determine before choosing a bariatric center in Mexico. 

Learn more how Renew Bariatrics compares with the competition. If you’re looking for more information and a free consultation, apply now. 8


*Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana recently surveyed 165 of its past patients. Based on survey results, 100% of respondents said they would recommend the center to friends. In addition, past patients were asked to rate their respective bariatric surgeon, bariatric hospital and rate Renew Bariatrics overall. These results are from January 2021 feedback poll.


Renew Bariatrics vs Competitors

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Our gastric sleeve surgery costs in Mexico start at $4,399 USD, which represents nearly 70% off from prices in the US. Included in our packages all the surgeon fees, hospital fees, take-home medication, and much more.

Gastric Sleeve starts from $4,399 USD

Unlike our competitors we don’t surprise you with fees and other hidden costs. Bariatric surgery in Mexico cost is transparent and all-inclusive.

No Hidden Surprises

Our easy application and process allows you to get started seamlessly. Quickly get approved and on-boarded with our 1-2-3 process. Most patients get approved in just 24 hours. Get started today. 

Get Started in Just 10 Minutes

All of our packages are all-inclusive. When quoted all our packages include everything including medical, hospital, transportation, and administration fees.

Renew Bariatrics bariatric surgeons has performed 1,000s of weight loss surgeries. Learn more about our bariatric surgical teams today.

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