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Gastric Sleeve Blue Green

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Starting at $4,600 USD

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is the leading choice for bariatric patients, with high expected weight loss and low complications. Our surgeons can perform laparoscopic gastric sleeve for those with BMIs above 30. Learn more about how Renew Bariatrics performs gastric sleeve to ensure maximum patient outcomes.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Starting at $6,000 USD

Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico provides truly effective weight loss for users with minimal risks. Gastric Bypass was the standard in bariatrics for nearly a decade, nicked-named the ‘gold standard. Learn more about how our expert team of surgeons performs the gastric bypass to ensure successful outcomes.

Gastric Bypass Blue Green
Duodenal Switch Blue Green

Duodenal Switch

Affordable Duodenal Switch from $6,300
Duodenal Switch is the weight loss surgery with the most Expected Weight Loss (EWL), providing the highest weight loss for patients. This procedure is ideal for those morbidly obese patients. Learn more today.

Gastric Balloon Surgery

Affordable gastric balloon surgery from $3,900.

Gastric balloon in Mexico is a great non-permanent bariatric option. The Gastric Balloon procedure is the newest medically designed weight loss procedures. There are many different options from single balloon, to double balloon, and others. Learn more about our gastric balloon procedures.

Gastric Baloon Blue Green

Best Bariatric Procedure?

Which bariatric surgery options are right for me?

Which bariatric surgery options are right for me? Which procedure will produce the best weight-loss and the best results?

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Bariatric Comparisons

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If you’re looking to determine which bariatric surgery option is best, please visit our Bariatric Surgery Option Comparison. If you need more help on which bariatric procedure is best for my health profile, contact our helpful staff today.

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