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Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana​

#1 Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Many are heading to Tijuana for weight loss surgery and seeing amazing results, so why wait any longer – jumpstart today with weight loss surgery in Tijuana.

Weight Loss Surgery Options in Tijuana

Gastric Sleeve Blue Green

Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana

The most popular surgical option is the gastric sleeve. It can be performed in Tijuana and you can be back home resting in less than 4 days. Learn why thousands choose to have the gastric sleeve procedure in Tijuana.

Gastric Bypass Blue Green

Gastric Bypass in Tijuana

Gаѕtriс bураѕѕ ѕurgеrу in Tijuana is an option for those looking for higher levels of expected weight loss. Patients opting for the gastric bypass can be back home in less than 4 days.

Gastric Baloon Blue Green

Gastric Balloon in Tijuana

In Tijuana, the gastric balloon procedure is a 2 day, 1 night option for most patients. Benefits of the gastric balloon are that it is non-permanent, and provides

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Single Incision Gastric Sleeve Tijuana

All the benefits of gastric sleeve procedure, but with one incision. This allows patients to recover faster, while minimizing the scars from laparoscopic surgery.

Tijuana Bariatrics: Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana Weight Loss Surgery is an increasingly popular and successful weight loss surgery option for those who are struggling to get approval in the US or Canada.

Bariatric surgery, offered at Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana Mexico, is designed to help individuals achieve healthy body weight and improve their overall health outcomes by facilitating lifestyle changes that enable them to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Choosing weight loss surgery in Mexico isn’t an easy decision, but our team is here to provide all the resources necessary for a positive experience. Before taking the next step, we ensure that every patient undergoes comprehensive evaluations and counseling to form personalized goals. Throughout every stage of their journey towards health transformation, they can count on us as reliable support.

Our surgical practices in Tijuana Bariatric Center are at the very pinnacle of modern medical science, fusing advanced technology like 3D imaging systems and state-of-the-art instruments with uncompromising hygiene standards to ensure only safe procedures. Our staff is made up of some of the best in their field – experienced professionals passionate about providing high-quality care before, during, and after each surgery.

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After the decision is made, post-surgery care is equally crucial. At Renew Bariatrics, we pride ourselves in ensuring every patient is equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and resources to maintain their new healthy lifestyle. We offer follow-up appointments, nutritional guidance, and dedicated support to help you stay on track. With Tijuana’s reputation for excellence in weight loss surgeries, patients are guaranteed world-class care, both pre and post-surgery.

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Meet Renew Bariatrics® Surgeons in Tijuana

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Bariatric Center, Mexico - Best Bariatric Surgeons in Tijuana

Get the highest quality of bariatric care with Tijuana Bariatric Surgery Center in Mexico. Our team of world-class board-certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals in Tijuana. Let us help you take charge and live a healthier life today.

Renew Bariatrics helps patients make the journey toward better health with an array of bariatric services in Tijuana. Their team is composed of Mexico’s top-tier experts in this field, all bringing excellent training and years of experience to provide truly remarkable weight loss solutions for their clients.

From gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, revisional surgeries to more minimally invasive options like the gastric balloon procedure – each treatment is customized according to a patient’s needs for optimum results.

Renew Bariatrics stands out from other Tijuana weight loss centers with its international patient concierge service, taking the weight off patients’ shoulders and ensuring a hassle-free experience within Mexico. From transportation to lodging arrangements and beyond, Renew Bariatrics makes it easier than ever for healthcare seekers around the world to receive quality care without any logistical stress.

Real People, Real Success Stories, Real Change

We value your feedback and are thankful for the kind words. It is always our goal to make sure each patient receives the care they need with minimal stress, and we are glad that we could provide such a smooth experience throughout the journey. With thousands of successful bariatric surgeries under our belt, we understand that making lifestyle changes after surgery can be challenging and are proud to hear of the progress thus far.

I’m 43 years young and A grandma to two boys and another due in May.

I’m 5’1 and starting weight was 205 and Now I weigh between 105 and 110. I was A size 20 pants and XXL shirts and now I wear size 0 pants and XS shirts.

I Love being able to play with my grandsons without getting tired and being able to be the best me that was hidden for so long. I can run these days, tie my shoes, and go up and down stairs without feeling like I was dieing.

Life is just better being healthy in every way. Is it the easy way out? No way it is not it takes dedication and work. You have to change everything and your relationship with food. I eat to live today not live to eat. I track all my food and stay on A schedule.

I take all my vitamins and show up and do what I gotta to not fail this tool that was given yo me. Best gift ever!!

-Misty Dodd


I had the surgery on May 11, 2022 and ever since then I’ve come to realize that there is so much in life that I am finally capable of doing that I never thought I could. In example, just the small things like riding rollercoasters and not being squeezed very tig when looking in the mirror. And just simply being able to buy clothes freely and not having to spend extra for bigger size clothing. This surgery was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life, to become a healthier me. I’m still losing pounds and se months post op and I can’t wait to see where I plateau at my healthiest point.

-Clay Babineaux

As I was staring at turning 60, and felt physically broken, depressed; nothing seemed to work, and I just couldn’t make any kind of progress. I’m not a religious person, but I said God, if I am going to be around for a while, it has to be in a different body…so show me the way. In no time a friend shared her experience with Renew . It was something I had never seriously considered, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I went online, filled out the information to see if I would even be a good candidate. Almost instantly my patient advocate Roni reached out. I knew my schedule had a short window to make this happen before my birthday, and so again I trusted. If this is meant to me, then please God make it easy—and boy was it! The guidance and support I received before, during, and after the surgery were second to none. I am so grateful for getting my life back. I have energy and want to soak up every drop I have left—it feels great to be alive!
-Kimberly Cline

Tijuana Bariatric Center is Dedicated to Quality Patient Care

At the Tijuana bariatric center, patient care is paramount. Prior to surgery, all patients receive personalized instructions and a post-operative plan for long-term success. During the procedure itself, every effort is taken to ensure accurate results that will produce optimal outcomes. Afterward, medical professionals in Tijuana are on hand offering emotional support plus practical advice about how to successfully maintain healthy eating habits as part of their ongoing recovery journey.

Tijuana Bariatric Center is dedicated to patient safety with its cutting-edge equipment and technology, meeting or exceeding international standards. Patients are cared for in an accredited hospitals in Tijuana by a team of skilled nurses and doctors who vigilantly monitor them during each procedure – all while advanced robotic arms enable precision surgery that limits recovery time.

Patients don’t have to worry about the financial burden of quality healthcare services in Tijuana. With convenient payment plans and competitive prices on bariatric surgery in Tijuana, that include no hidden fees or charges, everyone can easily access premium bariatric treatment in Mexico.

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The decision to undergo bariatric surgery is a significant one, and the location you choose plays a crucial role in your experience. Tijuana, with its top-notch facilities and experienced medical professionals, provides not only affordable options but also a commitment to patient care that is unparalleled. When you choose weight loss surgery in Tijuana, you’re choosing a path of transformation supported by the best in the field.

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Come to Tijuana for Safe Weight Loss Procedure

Experience the transformation you’ve been dreaming of! Join Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana and start your journey to health and wellness.

Our experienced bariatric team is devoted to helping individuals achieve their weight loss needs through our advanced, evidence-based bariatric procedures. With over 7,000+ surgeries, we offer affordable, safe weight loss surgery in Tijuana, tailored to your objectives throughout recovery with helpful nutrition tips, exercise guidance, and postoperative support too.


In recent years, Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico has emerged as a popular solution for those looking to reduce their weight. This procedure involves shrinking the stomach down to create an elongated tube-like structure in order to control food intake and promote lasting lifestyle changes that can lead to significant body transformation.

Prices vary drastically depending on location; Mexico is often seen as an attractive option due to cost savings compared to other countries. In Mexico, specifically in Tijuana, a sleeve gastrectomy typically costs anywhere between $4,000 and $7,000 USD. Although this is an average price that varies from patient to patient based on medical needs and other factors, this cost range in Tijuana is significantly lower than in many other countries worldwide.

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Are you considering traveling abroad for weight loss surgery? Tijuana, Mexico, offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. The city has become a prime destination for medical tourists seeking affordable and high-quality bariatric procedures. With the increasing cost of healthcare in many countries, Tijuana provides a viable option for those in search of a new beginning.

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In many other countries, the price of gastric sleeve surgery procedures can range from 10,000 to 19,000 USD. In this table, you can see a comparison between some of the countries where this type of surgery is practiced, and the cost that it has in Mexico.

MexicoRenew BariatricsU.S.AEuropeAustraliaJapanBrazilCanada
$4,000 – $8,000$4,600$15,000 – $25,000Up to $50,000$10,000 – $19,000Up to $20,000$8,000 – $12,000$12,500 – $20,000

MexicoRenew BariatricsU.S.AEuropeAustraliaJapanBrazilCanada
$6,000 – $11,000$6,000$19,000 – $28,000Up to $50,000$15,000 – $25,000Up to $30,000$9,000 – $14,000$15,000 – $25,000

MexicoRenew BariatricsU.S.AEuropeAustraliaJapanBrazilCanada
$3,500 – $6,000$3,900$11,000 – $20,000Up to $40,000$10,000 – $19,000Up to $25,000$8,000 – $12,000$10,500 – $20,000

MexicoRenew BariatricsU.S.AEuropeAustraliaJapanBrazilCanada
$6,000 – $11,000$7,300$25,000 – $35,000Up to $50,000$15,000 – $27,000Up to $25,000$15,000 – $30,000$12,500 – $20,000


At Renew Bariatrics in Tijuana, we understand that feeling supported and part of a community is an important factor when it comes to long-term success after weight loss surgery. That’s why we offer our patients a bariatric support group through Facebook.

This amazing group provides support and encouragement to its members in a variety of ways. You can access Q&A sessions with knowledgeable experts, read success stories from others who have gone through the journey you are on, get helpful recipes for your post-surgery diet, and find practical exercise tips to keep active after surgery – all while being reminded of the importance of self-love! Plus there are fun events such as virtual workouts and celebratory parties when milestones have been achieved.

This helps them form meaningful relationships that can last beyond recovery from weight loss surgery and provide an extra layer of comfort during this life-changing process.

The bariatric support group helps participants on their journey to a healthier lifestyle by providing educational materials such as videos that delve into crucial topics. From understanding nutrition and developing good habits to managing mental health issues and utilizing healthy coping strategies during difficult times – they offer the necessary resources for individuals to make informed decisions about bettering their lives in an easy-to-access manner.

A diagram showing the anatomy of the stomach.

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