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    Thinking of having weight loss surgery in Mexico? You are not alone. Each year, over one million Americans travel safely to Mexico for surgery that would cost them four to five times as much in the U.S.

    When diet and exercise have been attempted but ineffective, rapid weight loss is possible through weight loss surgery. 

    Through medical tourism to Mexico through Renew Bariatrics, you will experience a high level of care like in the U.S or Canada. 

    If you’re ready for your new, healthier life without extra weight where you can perform all the activities that were once difficult or impossible, it’s time for you to consider weight loss surgery in Mexico.

    What does Renew Bariatrics do?

    Following recovery from anesthesia, the other major issue is a pain. Pain usually originates from the sites of incisions (port sites). The most significant port causes the highest pain because it is the incision made to allow removal of the resected part of the stomach. During the procedure, this most considerable incision is stretched to provide adequate space for the resected part of the stomach. This pain can be efficiently managed by sufficient analgesia to ensure a pain-free post-operative period. Initially, the analgesics will be parenteral before converting them to oral once you start taking orally.

    Am I a good candidate for weight loss surgery?

    Surgery for obesity is usually reserved for those patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 30. (Pentin & Nashelsky, 2005).

    However, in some cases, weight loss surgery may be performed on those with a lower BMI in Mexico. Therefore, the only way you will really know if you are a candidate is to have a free evaluation by our surgeons. 

    What can I expect with Renew Bariatrics?

    From the moment you arrive in San Diego Airport with your passport, Renew Bariatrics’ friendly bilingual drivers will pick you up. All drivers have a special pass to clear border checkpoints, so you won’t need to worry about border traffic. 

    At one of our Renew Bariatric facilities located in Tijuana or Cancun, Mexico, you’ll stay at a four-star hotel. Both cities are located on the beautiful coasts of Mexico.

    On the day of your surgery, you will check into one of Renew Bariatrics’ leading medical, hospital facilties.

    In Mexico, our medical facilities are gated and guarded, so you need not to worry for your safety while in Mexico. Tijuana is as safe as many other large cities in the world, including numerous cities in the United States, like Phoneix, Arizona.

    Before, during and after your weight loss surgery, you will receive quality care, just as you would expect back home at a fraction of the cost. All your caregivers will speak English fluently. 

    What are your surgeons like in Mexico?

    Our surgeons are the top surgeons in Mexico with expertise in Bariatric surgery. All of our weight loss surgeries are endorsed by the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, the National Heart and Blood Institute and the Obesity Society. The quality of care is comparable to the U.S. and Canada. 

    When you arrive home, you will receive lifetime nutritionist support and a forum dedicated to support you through your weight loss safely after surgery.

    What procedures does Renew Bariatrics perform for weight loss?

    Renew Bariatrics specializes in the Gastric Sleeve surgery, but can also arrange for Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon or Duodenal Switch procedures. 

    How much will my weight loss surgery cost?

    Renew Bariatrics charges just $4,199 with full medical travel coverage. Surgeries for weight loss in the U.S. can cost as much as $19,000 or more.

    Unlike other medical services you’ve received in the U.S., where you don’t know how much you will be paying and how many multiple bills you will receive, Renew Bariatrics’ unrivaled medical tourism services are transparent. 

    You’ll know what you’re paying from the very beginning, with no add-on fees or extra charges, ever. There are no extra charges for medications, your driver or miscellaneous expenses. 

    For the cost of your weight loss surgery, see our detailed pricing page here, and feel assured that you can budget appropriately for your upcoming surgery and new life!

    Now I’m ready. How do I arrange my medical tourism?

    If you’re ready to decrease your risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, degenerative joint disease, sleep apnea and many more health risks related to overweight, then it’s time for you to apply for surgery at Renew Bariatrics.

    It’s sure to change your entire outlook on life, increase your self-esteem and give you a confidence you’ve never had before! See our before and after pictures here, to see what a difference weight loss surgery can make in not just your health, but your appearance. 

    How can I contact Renew Bariatrics to start my evaluation?

    So, what are you waiting for? Contact Renew Bariatrics today to get started on the way to a healthier you! 

    Our representatives can answer any questions you may have.