Dr. Jorge Luis Green

Tijuana Bariatric Surgeon

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Dr. Jorge Green - Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Jorge Luis Green is a leading bariatric surgeon practicing in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Jorge Green is renowned for his bariatric expertise and his attentive, warmth demeanor with patients. As a gastric sleeve patient himself, Dr. Green provides his weight loss experience with patients from the US and Canada.

Dr. Jorge Green is a board-certified bariatric surgeon in Tijuana and has performed thousands of successful bariatric surgeries in his 17+ years of experience. With a reputation as being one of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico, Dr. Jorge Green has been helping thousands conquer obesity with bariatric surgery. 

Dr. Jorge Green is also board-certified in general surgery. Dr. Jorge Green focuses his time on working with medical tourism patients, his professional license is #5286997. 

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Dr. Jorge Green Education and Experience

When you look at Dr. Jorge Luis Green’s education and medical experience, you can see why he is a top choice for bariatric surgery in Tijuana you can count on to help you achieve your weight loss goals effectively and safely.

Dr. Jorge Green studied at the Medical School in UABS, Tijuana, and completed a medical internship at Hospital Gral de Edo de Sonora. Dr. Green also claims Professional Social Service in Guadalupe and a general surgery residency at Tijuana General Hospital.

Dr. Jorge Luis Green is board certified in general surgery in Mexico and holds several certifications that enhance his experience. That includes Advanced Trauma Life Support from the American College of Surgeons and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support from the American Heart Association. He’s also board certified in bariatric surgery.

Among Dr. Green’s experience is the title of emergency physician at Salcedo Hospital, DELAT Clinic, Sta. Fe Hospital, and Dorado Medical Center, all in Tijuana. Other past roles include Trauma Surgeon at Red Cross Tijuana Trauma Center. 

He also worked as the Medical Examiner for the Attorney General of the State of Baja California, as well as holding the current title of General Surgeon at Tijuana General Hospital. Dr. Green also holds the current title of General Surgeon at UNEME Ambulatory Surgery Center of Baja California, in addition to his work at Renew Bariatrics.

Dr. Green Certifications and Recognition

When choosing a bariatric surgeon, seeking their certifications for peace of mind makes sense, and Dr. Jorge Luis Green doesn’t disappoint. In addition to his busy life as a surgeon in several facilities, he also holds various certifications. In addition to being board certified in bariatric surgery, Dr. Jorge Luis Green is also certified in general surgery. Other certifications include Advanced Trauma Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support.

Because of his experience and expertise, Dr. Green also lends his knowledge to publications, including Yahoo!, Eat This Not That, Yahoo! Life and MSN. In Yahoo! Life, Dr. Green discusses cholesterol and some healthy ways to help control it for better overall health. This knowledge of healthy lifestyle practices plays well with Dr. Green’s support of patients who want to lose weight and get healthier.


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Dr. Jorge Green Procedures Performed

Dr. Jorge Luis Green has over 17 years of surgical experience and has performed thousands of bariatric procedures for patients battling obesity in both Mexico and the United States. His kind and compassionate demeanor means he empathizes with his patients and his professional experience means he can help each patient choose the right surgery for their weight loss needs. With that in mind, there are several bariatric surgeries that Dr. Green performs.

Bariatric Surgical Options

Dr. Jorge Green performs hundreds of bariatric procedures every year in Tijuana, Mexico. Below are the surgical options patients have access to. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Dr. Jorge Green is highly skilled in providing gastric sleeve surgery, otherwise known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG). This treatment involves removing part of the stomach. The result is that a patient will feel full when they eat less food. Controlling calorie intake plays a huge factor in successful weight loss, so restricting the number of calories that can be consumed can lead to success. Dr. Green performs gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, in certified hospital facility in Tijuana, Mexico.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Another procedure that Dr. Green is highly skilled at performing is gastric bypass surgery. This option involves bypassing a portion of the intestines and reducing the stomach size. Dr. Green has extensive experience performing Mexico gastric bypass surgery to patients from the US and Canada, in a medical tourism setting. 

Revisional Bariatric Surgeries

Dr. Jorge Luis Green is also skilled and experienced with revisional bariatric surgeries. This is an option if you need to enhance or repair a previous bariatric surgery, even if a different surgeon performed the original procedure. This kind of surgery can be performed if you want to further reduce the amount of space for food in the stomach or to repair issues arising from a gastric sleeve or bypass procedure. Dr. Green can also replace a current LapBand with a new one or remove it and carry out a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery in its place.

Each of Dr. Green’s patients can expect a compassionate and caring surgical environment that works with them to achieve the goal of healthy weight loss. Dr. Green has an outstanding reputation, with many procedures to prove it. He’s skilled at what he does and creates a comfortable and trusting relationship with each of his patients. Dr. Green’s weight loss surgery cost in Mexico are some of the lowest in the industry. If you’re looking for more information about Dr. Green, please contact our helpful staff today. 

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Why Choose Dr. Jorge Luis Green

At Renew Bariatrics, the premier Tijuana bariatric center, Dr. Green brings years of experience combined with thousands of successful bariatric surgeries. You can rely on him to provide safe and effective care that results in the weight loss goals you’ve set together. With his board certification and medical license, Dr. Green is a surgeon you can trust and count on.

Dr. Jorge Green is a desirable choice for all-inclusive bariatric surgery in Mexico. Dr. Green all-inclusive prices are unmatched by competitors, and offers some of the best value bariatric packages in Tijuana, Mexico. 

If you are looking for top-notch medical tourism for bariatrics, you will find exactly that and more when you choose Dr. Jorge Luis Green. Get in touch today to arrange a consultation to begin your weight loss journey today.

Dr. Jorge Green Reviews

I had my gastric sleeve with Dr Green. He was very kind and professional. The surgery went very well. The staff is very helpful from the day you make your appointment.

The hospital is clean and maintained. I felt very comfortable there. I love that you receive the surgery the day you arrive and have 3 nights under their care (2 in hospital and 1 night in hotel w broth, water, popsicles, jello available) before you go back home. In my research, not all clinics offer that length of post operative care.


Dr Green was wonderful and very personable. The staff was all helpful and take very good care of you. The hospital is clean and very safe. Transportation was on time and took care of us to all locations. I highly recommend.


Absolutely would do this 100 times over. Very professional, clean facilities and just an overall fantastic experience. Dr. Jorge Green changed my life. I’ve lost 66 lbs in 5 months. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. GO FOR IT! You won’t regret this. Thank you, Dr. Green!


Renew Bariatrics changed my life forever. I have lost 136lbs and maintained my weight loss for over a year now. The staff was professional and attentive. Dr Green followed up with me and answered all of my questions after surgery promptly. I would recommend them to anyone interested in weight loss surgery. The entire experience from start to finish was excellent.


The nurses are amazing here. I saw Dr Green and he was also amazing. I can’t recommend this place enough. They provided the best care I ever had. They check in on you and make sure you are ok. See if you need anything. Give you your meds on time. I really can’t say enough great things about them. The place is also extremely clean. I was beyond impressed.


The cleanest hospital I’ve ever been in. Dr. Green is so nice and sweet. All the staff I came in contact with were amazing. I’m so glad I made the decision to become healthier me.