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Medical Tourism in Mexico – Statistics, Facts, Information

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Medical Tourism in Mexico Infographic

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical Tourism in Mexico is one of the top five medical tourism destinations in the world. With about a million medical tourists per year, most coming from the United States, and Canada. Mexico medical tourism has seen a significant boom in recent years with thousands of patients flooding a day.

Most tourism for healthcare in Mexico is for dental services, including dental surgery, cosmetic or plastic surgery (including BOTOX and other fillers), weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery, and other medical procedures. Medical tourists can save up to 80% of the typical cost in the United States, while still getting quality healthcare.

Today, 70 percent of Medical Tourists to Mexico come from nearby states: California, Texas, or Arizona.

“Since research began on the first edition of Patients Beyond Borders, Mexico has made great strides in healthcare. No longer known only for border-town dentistry and cosmetic surgery, Mexico has in recent years come into its own as a global healthcare hub, offering patients an array of specialties and procedures that now begin to rival its competitor nations in Asia.” Patient Beyond Borders

Mexico Medical Tourism Statistics:

– Global Medical Tourism is a $50-$70 Billion Industry (2016)

– Medical Tourism in Mexico – $4.8 Billion Industry (2016)

– 14 Million Medical Tourists Travel Annually

– 1 Million Medical Tourists Travel to Mexico Annually

– Mexico Medical Tourism Boom from $1.5 Billion from 2006 to $4.8 Billion 2016

Biggest Drivers to Mexico Medical Tourism

  • Dental: Save up to 70% the cost of the US
  • Cosmetic: Save up to 75% the cost of the US
  • Bariatric Surgery: Save up to 80% the cost of the US
  • Other Medical Procedures (including Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Orthopedic Surgery, Eye Surgery, Cardiac Surgery) Save up to 70% the cost of the US

Biggest Destinations (Please use Mexico Country Map to place destinations – Add Town Names and Icons)

– Tijuana: Bariatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Other Medical Procedures

– Mexicali: Bariatric Surgery, Dental

– Piedras Negras: Dental

– Reynosa: Dental

– Los Algodones “Molar City”: Dental

– Juarez: Dental

– Nogales: Dental

– Monterrey: Bariatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Other Medical Procedures

– Mexico City: Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Other Medical Procedures

– Cancun: Bariatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Other Medical Procedures

– Guadalajara: Bariatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Other Medical Procedures

– Puerto Vallarta: Bariatric Surgery, Other Medical Procedures

Other cities for Mexico Medical Tourism: Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Hermosillo, Chihuahua

Time Zones: GMT -6, GMT -5,

Country Dialing Code: +52

Electricity: 127V, plug type A

Currency: Mexican Peso (MXN)

Recommended Immunizations: Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid booster, consider antimalarial drugs

Languages: Spanish, some English

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