Bariatric Surgery in Monterrey, Mexico: Average Costs, Bariatric Centers, and Surgeons

Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico, is the capital city of Nuevo Leon, a large city that’s nestled into the mountains. It is considered one of the most livable cities in Mexico, including San Pedro Garza Garcia, which is a suburban area just outside of Monterrey itself. For those looking for bariatric surgery in Mexico, Monterrey is one of the destinations you may wish to consider, thanks to its modern amenities and quality of life.

Bariatric surgery in Monterrey, Mexico offers some benefits. Before you make the decision to get care here instead of in other areas consider the following. 

Bariatric Centers and Surgeons in Monterrey, Mexico

The following are some of the bariatric centers and surgeons providing weight loss surgery in Monterrey, Mexico.

  • The Shape You Want – TheShapeYouWant is headed by bariatric surgeon: Dr. Francisco J Barrera Rodriguez and Dr. Sergio J Lopez Martinez.
  • Obesity Free – Obesity Free is a location in Monterrey, Mexico and is headed by bariatric surgeon: Dr. Gabriel Rosales.
  • Jeronimomr – Jeronimomr is headed by bariatric surgeon: Dr. Jerónimo Monterrubio.
  • Dr. Hernán Fraga – Dr. Hernán Fraga is another bariatric surgeon operating in Monterrey, Mexico.

Traveling to Monterrey

Those who wish to travel to Monterrey, Mexico, for bariatric surgery or any type of medical tourism will find the process very straightforward. Monterey. This city is considered safe to travel to and overall very welcoming. Though medical tourism is a popular reason to visit this area, many also come for business as well as relaxation. The community is well-versed in meeting the needs of tourists.

There are several airports in the area to utilize including the Monterrey International Airport, which handles most of the international travel from the U.S. and Canada. The flight from San Antonio, Texas to Monterrey is about 1 hour. For those that wish to drive, that same trip is about 5 hours. 

Those traveling to Mexico will need proper identification, including a U.S. passport, photo identification, or other formal travel documentation. Most often, it is critical to make arrangements for this type of medical care in advance of visiting.  

Numerous hotels are available in Monterrey to accommodate most needs. Costs range widely from high-end, luxury locations to more affordable, smaller hotels. All-inclusive care may be available in some situations as well.

Bariatric Hospitals in Monterrey

Monterrey has quality medical facilities to meet the needs of bariatric patients. 

One of the options is Swiss Hospital, a surgical center located in Monterrey. Dr. Manuel Garcia Garza is the head bariatric surgeon at this location, though others are available. This is a full-service hospital that provides for most types of reconstruction, vascular, plastic, and other types of surgery, including bariatric procedures. It is noted for quality service and modern technology. They have a full suite of medical services and support available for patients as well.

Another option is Monterrey Gastro & Bariatric Group, or MGBG, which offers several highly trained surgeons for bariatric care. This location specializes in offering gastric sleeve, mini gastric bypass, gastric bypass, and gastric balloon procedures, and also offers revision surgeries. 

Other bariatric hospitals in Monterrey include:

  • Christus Muguerza Hospital 

Monterrey vs Tijuana Bariatric Prices

The cost of medical care is dependent on the type of service each patient receives. Costs can be dependent on the type of procedure as well as the overall fees charged by the bariatric surgeons themselves. When comparing Monterrey and Tijuana bariatric prices, you may find Tijuana to be more affordable overall.

The average cost for gastric bypass in Tijuana is about $5,500, and for less invasive procedures, it is closer to $4,400. In Monterrey, you can expect a gastric bypass to cost between $6,400 and $7,500 and a gastric sleeve to cost around $5,100. 

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Is Monterrey Best For Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

Monterrey is a safe location for getting bariatric surgery in Mexico. It has qualified surgeons and outstanding resources to offer, including state-of-the-art medical facilities. The location is a bit more affordable than some of the more commonly used tropical areas (like Puerto Vallarta) but is still more expensive than care in Tijuana.

When comparing the type of care and services offered in Monterrey compared to Tijuana, one of the best locations for bariatric surgery, it is critical to consider location and amenities. Tijuana is noted for offering the same types of care and procedures, often at the same standards of care, as are found in the U.S. It is also much closer to the U.S., being just 16 miles from San Diego. That makes travel to and from the area much easier to do overall. 

While Monterrey is a solid choice for bariatric surgery in Mexico, it is not necessarily the best as Tijuana continues to offer better levels of care at competitively lower costs. Notable in both cases is that these costs are a fraction of what is paid for the same procedures in the U.S. and Canada. 

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