Bariatric Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali, Mexico

The city of Mexicali is the capital of Baja California, home to about 690,000 people. It sits right on the U.S. border, which makes it easy to access for those who are looking for bariatric surgery that’s more affordable but still high quality. Noted for its is architecture and history, as well as being a commerce and trade center between the two countries, Mexicali is a modern location with much to offer.

For those seeking more affordable bariatric surgery options, Mexicali can be a viable choice. Bariatric surgery in Mexicali, Mexico, is offered by specialized weight loss centers that aim to provide care for locals but also for those traveling internationally for care. If you are considering your options in bariatric surgery centers in Mexico, learn a bit more about what Mexicali offers. 

Bariatric Centers in Mexicali, Mexico 

Several treatment centers exist throughout the city, although only a few offer bariatric surgery. The following are some of the more well-known bariatric centers and surgeons in Mexicali.

  • Mexicali Bariatric – Mexicali Bariatrics Centers is headed by bariatric surgeon: Dr. David Beltrán. Other surgeons include: Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy.
  • Mexicali Bariatric Center – Mexicali Bariatric Center is headed by bariatric surgeon: Dr. Alberto Aceves. Dr. Aceves has performed over 6,000 bariatric surgeries is a renowned bariatric surgeon.
  • Dr. Federico Iván – Dr. Federico Iván works as bariatric surgeon servicing in Mexicali, Mexico.

Traveling to Mexicali

With its location near the Mexican-U.S. border, Mexicali is easy to get to. It is about 122 miles from San Diego and about 62 miles from Yuma, Arizona. Both of these U.S. cities have international airports to take visitors to Mexico directly to the area. 

As a full-service city, it is easy to find hotels and car rentals in Mexicali, though many weight loss treatment centers offer options for full-service care. That includes recovery rooms or centers for those who need to wait before traveling back to the U.S. 

Mexicali Valley: U.S. government employees should avoid the Mexicali Valley due to the heightened possibility of violence between rival cartel factions. – Travel Advisory via US State Department

Mexicali is not considered safe, and therefore we do not recommend traveling to Mexicali for bariatric surgery at this time.

Related: Mexicali is Near Juarez, another destination for bariatric surgery – which is also not considered safe.

Bariatric Hospitals in Mexicali

While its location close to the U.S. border makes Mexicali ideal for those looking to stay close to home, there are only a handful of providers in the area who offer weight loss surgery to international travelers. 

One of the largest bariatric centers in the city is Mexicali Bariatric Center, which is led by Dr. Rodolfo Wilhemy, a professional who has provided weight loss treatment for patients for nearly 20 years. The location has performed over 12,000 procedures in its history, offering patients quality care overall. This location specializes in gastric sleeve and lap band procedures. This location offers concierge level services and has a specific weight loss surgical center. 

Hispano Americano Hospital is another option. This location in Mexico is a full-service medical treatment center. It offers onsite care for most medical needs including plastic surgery, cardiology, and neurology. For those who want to be in a location where there are other advanced medical services available, this destination can prove to be a good choice.

Almater Hospital is a smaller location that offers medical and surgical care in Mexicali, including weight loss surgery. It offers only laparoscopic procedures but several options. 

Mexicali vs Tijuana Bariatric Prices

For those who are considering undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexico, you already know the cost is likely far less than what you can expect in the U.S. Mexicali costs range widely based on the location, but expect to pay $5,500 to $8,000 for bariatric surgery in Mexicali, which is much lower than the $11,000 to $35,000 cost for the same procedures in the U.S. 

Compared to Tijuana, which is another large bariatric surgery destination location, you will pay a bit more in Mexicali. Costs in Tijuana are around $4500 to $6500, with some variation based on the location. This is for the same types of procedures and options for weight loss surgery offered in Mexicali.

Is Mexicali Best for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

Obtaining bariatric surgery in Mexicali is an available option for many people, but it is not necessarily the best destination among all Mexican weight loss locations. In comparison to Tijuana, you will spend a bit more and have fewer medical provider options in Mexicali. You will likely find that the location offers quality care, but it is not always concierge-level support that you may desire.

Mexicali’s location, which is quite near to the U.S. border, ensures that patients receive advanced medical care and treatment, which can also be obtained in Tijuana. Though both locations can be desirable because of their lower cost (drastically lower cost) and high quality of medical care, you can expect to spend a bit more for your medical care in Mexicali. 

Both destinations are border cities in Mexico, however Tijuana is considered safer than Mexicali, and offers much more in terms of medical care. We recommend that you compare care in Mexicali to the care you can expect to receive in Tijuana, Mexico.

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