Bariatric Surgery in Mexico ROI? How Quickly with Bariatric Surgery Pay for Itself?

Bariatric Surgery Mexico ROI

One in three adults in the United States are living with obesity. Obesity leads to additional health complications, including diabetes, stroke and hypertension. As obesity rates rise, bariatric surgery has also grown in popularity over the last several years. However, the costs associated with weight loss surgery are a common concern when deciding whether to pursue an operation. While bariatric surgery may be expensive in the United States, it is much more affordable in Mexico. When considering surgical interventions, understanding how much money you may save in the long run by choosing surgery is essential.

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico ROI

The return on your investment after bariatric surgery has been shown to be substantial. Based on bariatric surgery costs of $17,000 to $26,000, the the surgery pays for itself in 2-4 years.

Based on bariatric surgery costs of roughly $5,000 – bariatric surgery in Mexico will typically pay for itself in one year.

Bariatric surgery has been shown to save thousands annually in medical costs alone. Add in other benefits including: increased productivity and reduced absenteeism – and, bariatric surgery can increase your earnings and disposable income.

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Employment and Productivity Benefits

Obesity can affect every part of your life. From socializing with others to enjoying recreational activities and meeting your productivity goals, excess weight can keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. However, undergoing bariatric surgery and losing weight can boost your energy levels. Your enhanced well-being will also affect your professional life. 

A 2021 study found that bariatric procedures have a positive impact on the participants’ production levels in the workplace. In addition, it also noted a reduction in sick leave and unemployment among those who received bariatric surgery as opposed to those who did not.

By boosting productivity, you are more likely to benefit financially in the form of less time away from your place of employment and potential promotions stemming from your increased energy and workability.

Impact on Obesity-Related Medical Expenses

Studies show obesity costs the United States healthcare system nearly 173 billion dollars every year. Trips to the emergency room, prescription medication and other expenses add up, and the majority of spending is from treating obesity-related illnesses, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Not only does obesity cost the United States money, but it puts a financial strain on individuals, too. 

If you have an obesity-related illness, like diabetes or heart disease, you may find bariatric surgery eliminates or significantly reduces the severity of your condition, which saves you a considerable amount of time and money in the long run. By choosing surgery, you’ll likely see a dramatic decrease in doctor visits and hospitalizations for obesity-related conditions. By reducing or eliminating chronic illness, you’ll also save money by not having the negative financial impact of conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

Initial Costs of Bariatric Surgery

Many surgical centers in Mexico offer all-inclusive packages covering the costs of the procedure, your stay in a hotel and other travel expenses. Bariatric procedures start at just $4,600 in Tijuana. In general, the cost of surgery in Mexico is much more affordable than in the United States for several reasons. Surgeon and anesthesia fees, as well as hospital charges and care before and after surgery, are less expensive because the healthcare costs are much lower in Mexico.

The lower cost of living and affordable surgical equipment means you can also expect to pay much less. While bariatric surgery centers in Mexico do not take insurance, the affordability of these operations makes it much more easier to pay out of pocket, even without insurance covering the bill.

Insurance Coverage and Cost Reduction

In the United States, your insurance company must approve the reasons behind your bariatric surgery before paying for it. The criteria for approval are strict, and many people receive rejections for a variety of different reasons. A 2009 study found that 30% of people who seek approval from their insurance companies for bariatric surgery receive a denial.

Bariatric exclusion is common in the United States, especially since some insurance companies view weight loss surgery as unnecessary. Common reasons why these companies may not clear you for bariatric surgery include:

  • Specific exclusion policy against obesity surgery
  • Failure to enroll in a medical weight loss program before surgery
  • Clerical errors by the insurance company

Unfortunately, several states allow insurance companies to include exclusion policies for bariatric surgery. If your insurance company approves your surgery, your financial burden will be less. You must check with your insurance provider to find out if they cover the procedure you’re interested in or if you need to consider other options.

Long-Term Health Improvements

People choose bariatric surgery for various reasons. Some long-term benefits of bariatric surgery include:

  • Normalized blood sugar levels
  • Improved cholesterol
  • Reduced obstructive sleep apnea
  • Decreased arthritis-related aches and pains.

In addition, bariatric surgery can lower the chances of heart disease and certain types of cancer. It can also help improve longevity, and those who receive this procedure have a lower risk of death than individuals with obesity who don’t.

Medical Tourism and Hidden Costs

As the medical tourism industry grows in countries like Mexico, India and Japan, more people are seeking affordable, high-quality care in destinations outside their own countries. Mexico is a popular choice because of its healthcare system, modern medical equipment and many certified hospitals and bariatric care clinics.

If you are thinking about traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery, take time to select the clinic and surgeon that best fits your needs. High-volume centers that treat more patients tend to have better surgical results with fewer complications. Ensure the medical team is skilled in providing excellent care for bariatric patients. When speaking with your potential surgeon, ask about the number of surgeries they have performed and if they are board-certified. A good surgeon can provide you with their credentials and will be comfortable answering your questions before scheduling surgery.

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Travel expenses and hidden costs should be considered when planning bariatric surgery in another country. High-quality bariatric centers will be upfront with you about their surgery packages and the cost of services. Comprehensive surgical packages include most of the following:

  • Private ground transportation
  • Pre-op hospital stay
  • Hospital stay plus fees
  • Board-certified surgeon
  • Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees
  • Lab work and blood tests
  • Post-op leak tests
  • 24/7 bariatric hospital staff 
  • Medication
  • Pre-op hotel stay 
  • Online support
  • Post-operative care

When selecting a package, there should not be any surprise fees. Your cost varies depending on the procedure you will receive. Before choosing your provider and clinic, do plenty of research to ensure they are up to standard. If you are unsure about a surgeon or bariatric center, do not proceed with the surgery. Take your time to continue your search until you find an option you are comfortable with.

Psychological and Social Impact of Weight Loss

Obesity is associated with a high prevalence of mental health issues. These issues may significantly impair a person’s quality of life. Because bariatric surgery leads to extensive weight loss, many people experience remarkable improvements in depression, anxiety and other mental health issues after they undergo an operation. 

Beneficial weight loss has a positive impact on overall well-being. It also improves self-esteem and confidence, especially since you feel greater control over your health. Hormone changes are possible after weight loss surgery as there is a decrease in ghrelin and leptin, which affect hunger cues. As a result, your mood may improve, which can also positively impact your social life and relationships.

Assessing Potential Complications Associated With Weight Loss Surgery

Every surgical procedure comes with risks, even those as routine as bariatric surgery. Weighing these risks is vital to determine if weight loss surgery suits your circumstances. Always consider the possible short-term and long-term complications. A high-quality facility will ensure you are a good candidate by scheduling a comprehensive pre-surgery evaluation, including lab work and other tests. Even if you are deemed fit for surgery, complications may still arise. The most common complications include:

  • Acid reflux
  • Anesthesia-related complications
  • Chronic nausea
  • Infections
  • Inability to eat particular foods
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Hernias
  • Bleeding
  • Dilation of the esophagus
  • Excessive bleeding 
  • Blood clots 
  • Breathing problems

Most complications are easily handled during post-operative care, so it’s essential to show up for follow-up appointments and maintain open communication with your surgical team after you leave the clinic. Still, some people may follow all post-operative care instructions and are at higher risk of developing complications. Understanding your risks before surgery will help you decide whether it is right for you.

While bariatric surgery may seem costly upfront, the long-term financial implications are substantial. Not only will you be in better physical shape, but you will no longer need to deal with the costs associated with obesity-related diseases. You’ll also save money on groceries and dining out since your diet will drastically change. 

Although bariatric surgery is an effective and safe way to lose weight, it is not for everyone. It’s important to carefully assess the long-term benefits and potential cost savings based on your circumstances. By not rushing your decision and consulting with healthcare professionals on your options, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that aligns with your health goals.

If you’re ready to learn more about bariatric surgery and whether it’s right for you, contact Renew Bariatrics. Our staff can provide you with a free 15-minute consultation and explain more about bariatric procedures and available packages. Take your first step towards a better quality of life, and reach out to us today.            

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