Should I Get Bariatric Surgery by Myself in Mexico?

Should I Get Bariatric Surgery by Myself in Mexico?

Generally speaking, weight loss surgery in Mexico is safe and affordable for those who do their research. It is a good option for people who cannot pay for surgery in their home country or need to schedule it quickly for health or personal reasons. Bariatric surgery is also a viable solution for people who have attempted to lose weight (such as through diet and lifestyle changes) with no luck. If you are considering surgery in Mexico and thinking about traveling alone, there are many things you should consider before packing your bags.

What REAL Renew Bariatrics Patients Say About Going Alone:

  • I went alone. It was nice. No one to worry about, time for myself, you know.
  • I went alone and I am glad I did. Didn’t have to worry about a companion not being able to sleep if I was up in middle of the night….
  • I did in January. I preferred it. You get great care there. Not like in the u.s. I also made friends with the other hall walkers!
  • I did it without any problems. I had a brief moment where I wished I wasn’t alone but got over it once the pain meds kicked in.
  • I did last year and it was just fine. It’s a short trip and the staff will help you with everything you need
  • I’m glad I went alone! I brought my phone and tablet and as others said, it’s u time and I didn’t have to worry about anyone else but me! I had one carry one, wish I would’ve brought another change of clothes tho.
  • Went alone last month ! Everything went well for me. If you’re considering going alone. Take this time as your “me time” .. your journey to wellness and health. That’s the mindset I went in this with and I was well taken care of!
  •  I did and I loved it! It was a mini vacation away from my husband and kids lol. It was so peaceful and I got to just focus on my healing without worrying about a companion.
  • I did. I was fine. Trip home was a bit tricky due to my carry-on but Delta was booked so they encouraged passengers to check their carry-ons for free, so that helped a lot. I let them know on my return flight that I needed assistance so I was one of the first to board and had a wheelchair waiting at the gate to take to the baggage claim and out to where I picked up my airport shuttle to home.
  • I went alone and did great! I would have felt like I needed to entertain or do more of someone had been with me.

The Appeal of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for affordable bariatric surgery for several reasons. Surgeons have fewer overhead costs associated with running a medical clinic. There is also a lower cost of living, which means medical professionals live comfortably on a lower salary. Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment are much less expensive than in the United States. The savings are substantial depending on which procedure you receive. In addition, surgeons are highly experienced and have trained alongside world-renowned physicians from the United States and abroad. They also operate in modern, clean medical facilities.

Choosing the Right Surgeon and Facility

Regardless of whether you receive bariatric surgery in the United States or Mexico, thoroughly research the background of each surgeon before making your choice. Ensure they have proper accreditation in their field and plenty of positive reviews and testimonials from patients. Some clinics are subpar and operate under questionable conditions, so you must also research the bariatric facility in which your surgery will take place.

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Clear communication and transparency are also important factors in your decision-making process. If possible, ask for referrals from people you know who have had bariatric surgery in Mexico. Another good way to gather information is to join bariatric surgery groups on social media and ask for recommendations.

You can also schedule a consultation with each surgeon’s office so they have the opportunity to answer any questions you have. A reputable center will be open and eager to discuss their clinic’s policies and procedures. Their pricing should be transparent, and staff should be upfront with you about the cost from the beginning. Don’t be hasty when making your decision, and if something seems amiss, cross that facility off your list and continue searching for the right one.

Pros and Cons of Brining a Companion During Surgery


  • Help navigate the traveling to Mexico
  • Can help you move your bags (traveling lite is important for all patients)
  • Provide emotional support on your decision
  • Companions can help with medical questions and understanding (especially if they have a medical background)


  • Airfare / Travel costs to San Diego increases
  • Some companions may judge your decision
  • Some companions can bring their emotional baggage with them
  • Companions can tempt the patients, eating delicious Mexican food near them
  • Companions can feel bored, which can put strain on your recovery

Going Alone to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery is Your Choice

Having the support of family and friends is an instrumental factor in your overall weight loss success. It’s important to identify your support system before traveling to Mexico. This support system should consist of people who are in favor of your decision and who will encourage you to make healthier lifestyle choices, provide transportation during your first few weeks of recovery and help you along the way.

Thinking about traveling to Mexico by yourself for weight loss surgery? You won’t be alone. With Renew Bariatrics’ network, you’ll be in safe hands throughout the entire journey. You’ll be with our staff your entire duration.

You can even make friends with other patients who are having surgery as well.

Did you know: About half of our patients choose to bring a travel companion to keep them company. The other half decide to undergo surgery alone.

A friend can ease any nervousness you experience before surgery and be there for you throughout the process.

Renew Bariatrics always includes your companion to come with you on your journey. Other companies can charge you up to $500 to bring a companion. At Renew Bariatrics, we are truly all-inclusive.

After surgery, you will need support to take care of your post-operative needs. While healing from bariatric surgery is relatively quick, you may need help getting out of bed or remembering to take medications.

Your friend can also notify your care team if you experience post-surgical issues. Leaving the hospital and traveling back to your country of origin may be more challenging when dealing with post-operative pain or soreness, so having a companion to assist you in your journey is helpful.

Some people are worried their loved ones won’t support their decision to get bariatric surgery and are apprehensive about inviting someone along on their trip. If you are unsure what others may say about your decision, you are not alone. However, most people find the majority of their friends and family ultimately support their decision to undergo surgery.

Still, some people prefer traveling alone and feel bringing someone may cause unnecessary stress. While having a companion present can be beneficial, you may not be just as comfortable being on your own. Regardless of your choices, the staff at your clinic will be with you every step of the way and will still ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience while in Mexico.

Should I Bring a Companion to Mexico?

Undergoing bariatric surgery is a life-changing decision. While many prefer bringing along someone to keep them company, you may ultimately choose to travel alone.

Take time to consider the pros and cons of solo travel before making your final decision. While there are many benefits to pursuing bariatric surgery in Mexico, some challenges do exist, especially if you’re traveling a long distance from home. However, by carefully researching your surgical options, having an open dialogue with your coordinator and making an informed decision, you’ll be well on your way to a successful weight loss journey.        

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