Recovery Houses in Mexico: Bariatric and Plastic Surgery

Recovery Houses

Medical tourism in Mexico is on the rise, and with good reason. Not only does Mexico offer many of the same medical procedures and techniques, using similar equipment and standards, but it’s typically a fraction of the cost. 

A study by Medical Departures, sited by found that an estimated 780,000 people were expected to visit Mexico for health care in 2022. The need for quality care in a safe setting has never been higher, and Mexico is offering to it consumers. Bariatric procedures and plastic surgery tend to be some of the most sought-after types of care in these areas.

One of the most important tools available is recovery houses in Mexico, destinations where people have the ability to receive the medical support and guidance they need until they are ready to fly home. 

The Importance of Recovery Houses

Though in the US, the term “recovery houses” often refers to drug and alcohol treatment centers, that’s not the case in Mexico. Rather, these locations provide a way for patients to receive the valuable, hands-on support they need right after having major surgery.

Often, a person receiving bariatric surgery or plastic surgery is healthy and stable enough to go home, and in the US they may do just that. When getting that care in Mexico, it’s not always wise to fly home immediately. That is the service provided by recovery houses. There, patients have the support they need right after treatment that’s close to their medical providers when they do not need a hospital setting.

Not all recovery houses are the same, and some are quite inferior to others. It’s up to patients to learn what the location can and cannot offer and the quality of care provided. 

Services Provided by Recovery Houses

Services range wisely based on the location. However, they may include:

  • Nutritious meals 
  • Help with personal hygiene as needed
  • Clean and spacious areas to sleep and rest
  • Individualized care based on the specific needs of the patient
  • Access to a licensed nurse who can offer support if there are complications

Do not assume that any service is offered. Rather, verify this information prior to using any recovery house in Mexico.

Safety and Accreditation 

Recovery houses in Mexico are a bit of a gray area. There are a couple of recovery houses in Mexico with COFEPRIS approval but most of them run without a certification nor permit because there isn’t a certification for recovery houses.

There are a lot of recovery homes but there is no government body overseeing them. With the rise of medical tourism, that may change in the future.

As with the verification of the credentials of a plastic surgeon or weight loss surgery, patients should invest the necessary time into determining if those providing care in the recovery house are skilled. There are no specific rules about who can and cannot work in these locations. However, if they promise a licensed registered nurse, you can ask to see that certification. In Mexico, there are three educational levels for nurses. This includes auxiliary nurses, technical nurses, and university nurses. In general, that means meeting the CGFNS certification requirements.

Like in the US, nurses who wish to obtain a license in Mexico must obtain qualified education and training. That training must come from an accredited, higher-education facility to meet the standards in place within the government.

Bariatric and Plastic Surgery Specifics

A person who visits Mexico for bariatric and plastic surgery will likely need to utilize a recovery house or a hotel close to their provider for several days before being able to travel back to the US. As a result, it is important to consider the following.

Cost comparison: Recovery house vs hotel

You can certainly find a hotel that’s very inexpensive in Mexico, but there is no guarantee of cleanliness or a quiet environment, especially in larger cities.

A recovery house, will typically cost less, but it is likely to offer hands-on support, unlike a hotel. Recovery houses are not expensive, but they are essential.

With those that offer wound dressing changes, licensed on-site nursing, and support for emergency care, you can expect to pay more, though still a competitive rate.

Recovery houses in Mexico are perfect for plastic surgery patients, since your recovery can be up to 10 days post-operatively. The nurses in recovery houses can help monitor your incisions and healing.

Recovery houses in Mexico for bariatrics is less ideal, since you’ll probably only stay there one or two days postoperatively. Renew Bariatrics does not use recovery houses to save money, as we put all of our patients up in an upscale hotel for recovery.

Choosing the right recovery house

When selecting which location to choose, start with recommendations from your plastic surgeon or healthcare provider. Then, compare several locations in several ways:

  • Does it offer 24/7 support? After major surgery, around-the-clock care can be vitally important. 
  • Does it offer emergency medical support? This does not mean the location will provide emergency care, but they will get it for you.
  • What is included in the services provided? This should include bariatric diet management and post-anesthesia care. 
  • Is the room private or shared? What is the structure of the local in general?
  • What amenities are available? Are meals included and chef-prepared? 

Most importantly, postoperative patients need support and a comfortable, clean environment. Choose a location that meets the specific needs you have to create a period of healing.

Cultural and recreational aspects

While a recovery house is not designed to be a lavish resort, it should be comfortable with modern amenities as well as all of the necessary tools to support patients. This can often include deluxe recovery services, in some cases, including cleaning help, cosmetologists, nutritionists, and chefs.

If there are any factors that are important to you from a cultural or recreational aspect, verify these are able to be met. That is not always the case even in all-inclusive locations.

Legal and travel considerations

There could be some legal matters to consider with this process. If you are unsure if you will receive quality care, remember that the legality of liability in Mexico is somewhat different than the US. Make sure you consider, too, if your insurance will provide any coverage not only for the care you need, but for any complications that arise from receiving care so far from home.

Also, please note the importance of getting approval to travel to Mexico

  • American citizens must have a valid passport to gain entrance into the country. 
  • Even minors must have valid passports.
  • If you are staying less than 72 hours near the border area, you do not need an Official Entry Immigration Form needed for tourists 
  • Anyone traveling beyond the border zone will need to complete an Official Entry Immigration Form, which is provided by airlines.
  • Those planning to stay in the country for more than 180 days must obtain a visa.

Bariatric vs Plastic Surgery Recovery Times

The length of your stay in a recovery house is dependent on many factors, including how well your procedure goes and the severity of it. Typically, bariatric surgery in Mexico will require a person to remain in the country and near the treatment center for 1 to 2 nights. Then, a person is able to go home.

Plastic surgery often is more invasive and, as a result, will have a longer recovery period. The extensiveness of that can range from 5 days up to 15 days for more complicated procedures. 

Having access to a medical recovery house in Mexico after your procedure is critical to ensuring your health and well-being. With quality facilities available that meet even the most stringent of US healthcare standards, you can feel as if you are in good hands here.

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