Ensure Safe Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

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Here are a few ways to ensure safe bariatric surgery in Mexico (including gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, revisional surgery). Not all bariatric practices are the same in Mexico; some providers are dedicated to the patient’s success, others are trying to quickly move onto the next, hoping to rack up the profit.

Here are a few ways Renew Bariatrics tries to educated people on having successful bariatric surgery in Mexico.

  1. Use a board-certified bariatric surgeon. Bariatric surgeons with experience, proven track record, and rigorous standards that will garner you with a successful outcome. Read more about the benefits of choosing a board-certified 
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    bariatric surgeon.

  2. Pick an experienced surgeon. Some surgeons are qualified on paper but don’t perform the hundreds of bariatric surgeries yearly. The more experienced a surgeon is the better they tend to perform bariatric surgeries.
  3. Protect yourself from hidden costs. Only use practices that fully disclose all fees upfront or better yet are all-inclusive on fees including hotel, surgical fees, and especially take-home medications.
  4. Use a U.S. based practice that you can trust! – Renew Bariatrics is a US-based corporation with its interest in helping patients succeed with weight loss and bariatric surgery.
  5. Never choose a surgeon or a company from somebody’s recommendation on support forums or facebook. There is a trend where surgeons are unleashing independent sales individuals on support forums or facebook to promote themselves and book patients. Never trust these people, here is why. Most of the time these individuals are English-speaking people from the Philippines, India, Indonesia, or elsewhere. They most likely have never met the surgeon they’re promoting, let alone, been in Tijuana, or Mexico. Often times they haven’t been in the facility or even seen a live gastric sleeve surgery performed. These salespeople use these forums for their benefit selling directly to make a commission without your best interest at heart.
  6. Be aware of the immediate life changes after bariatric surgery. Immediately after your trip to Mexico, it’s important to already have your kitchen and house. stocked with the necessary foods, drinks, and other items for successful post-op surgery. Remember successful surgery starts way before the surgery, and ends way after you leave Mexico.

If you would like more information feel free to schedule a consultation or visit our contact us page. Our dedicated staff will help answer any questions you may have about undergoing weight-loss surgery in Mexico.

Interested in undergoing Safe and Affordable Gastric Sleeve Tijuana Mexico? Please contact our helpful, knowledgeable patient educators who can help guide you through the entire process.

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