Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: Companion FAQs

Companion Rules & FAQ

Travel Companion Rules

Travel Companion Rules (Failure to follow will result in no entry for companion.)

  1. ONLY (1) companion is permitted and included. Additional companions are NOT permitted in transportation, hotel, or facility. 

  2. Must be 18 years of age and older. 

  3. NO companion is permitted if you are sharing a hospital room with a surgery companion.

  4. Companions must provide COVID PCR test results taken within 14 days of surgery date. 

  5. Companions will be screened upon entry for symptoms of illness. Companions will not be allowed entry/ to stay if the health screening shows signs of illness.

  6. Companions will be required to provide proof of a valid government issued ID to enter.

  7. Companions must eat in designated areas only (for sanitary protocols and patient safety).

  8. Companions must be able to care for self and not require assistance.

  9. Companions must abide by facility guidelines. Unruly behavior, intoxication, and disrespect towards patients or staff will not be permitted.

  10. Companion must provide legal documents like patient to cross border. One of the following: passport, passport card, or official original/copy birth certificate with raised seal.

  11. Companion sleeping arrangements are provided at the facility, they expect to stay where the patient stays, i.e. at the facility during admissions and then at the hotel when companion goes to the hotel.

Companions are not required. Some people find the time alone nice and others feel more comfortable with a travel buddy. 

It all depends on your comfort level. 

One (1) Companion is included in all of our packages.

This assumes your companion will shadow you, meaning they will travel with you, sleep in your hospital room and hotel room (two hotel beds are provided) and share transportation. No additional accommodations or transportation is provided. 

Companion Costs not covered: meals, extra hotel room, hotel room while in hospital if not staying in hospital room, and separate companion trips are $50 each way to US.

Extra Companions are not permitted. 

The hospital only permits (1) companion to stay overnight and visiting hours are limited. 

If additional companions are to come they will be responsible for their own transportation, via taxi or Uber, to and from the hospital – which can become cumbersome. 

There is also not a lot to see in Tijuana for more than a days worth – not necessarily a vacation destination.  If extra companion(s) come the charge is $500, extra transport will be more. Hospital only permits one guest.

SER Hospital has a cafeterias for a fee for guests. All hospitals have food nearby. We also encourage them to download Uber Eats before departing US for food delivery.

Most restaurants take both USD and Mexican Pesos. 

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