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Best Gastric Sleeve (Weight-Loss) Surgery Blogs

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This is a post of the leading gastric sleeve surgery blogs that relate the journeys of different people who have undergone surgery and how their lives have changed. These blogs give a real view of the joys and struggles of ordinary individuals and can serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for all those contemplating going this route.

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Here are a few favorite gastric sleeve surgery blogs:

The World According to Egg FaceWorld According to Egg Face

This blog is a lady who underwent gastric surgery in 2006 and talks about how this has affected her whole world. Michelle loves to cook and goes on to prove that gastric sleeve surgery need not put a stop to creating delicious recipes in the kitchen. Her blog also incorporates methods that she has adapted to make weight friendly for fellow gastric surgery patients.

Miles To GoMilesToGo

Miles to go is a beautiful blog written by Julia about her journey with gastric sleeve surgery and the incredible learnings she has gained over the years. This blog delves into how her mind, soul, and spirit had transformed even after shedding over 160 pounds pre-surgery when she weighed a total of 300 pounds.

The Organised HousewifeThe Organised Housewife

This blog shares her personal experiences on adopting a healthier lifestyle and also offers health information, nutritious recipes, emotional and social tools and spiritual motivation to those who are also on the same path.

The organized housewife blog is written by Katrina who underwent gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Her journey starts when she visits her doctor to check her cholesterol level and get a solution as to why she is constantly tired.

Her doctor told her in no uncertain terms that being overweight will not help her see her grandchildren. Some of her habits that contributed to being overweight were her lack of exercise, not eating right, drinking 2-3 cans of coke every day and putting other things instead of her health first.

Sarah is SmallerSarah Is Smaller

Katrina underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2013 and had lost 24kg and her blog takes us through her journey which she hopes can be a great help to anyone struggling with their weight.

This blog is about Sarah’s journey before, during and after gastric sleeve surgery. She had the surgery in 2014 and weighed 265 pounds. This blog highlights her journey from deciding to undergo surgery and also details what is expected of you before the surgery.

Her blog is also a beautiful insight into all the things that you are not told when going into surgery and what unexpected things can occur. Sarah’s blog is touching and deals with raw issues in a simple way that helps anyone understand that gastric sleeve surgery comes with a lot of joys and challenges, but ultimately, you can become a better you.

Notable Gastric Sleeve Blogs

Susy A Brand New Me

Weight gain comes with a lot of health complications. This blog is about Susy’s journey with life after gastric surgery and the complications of diabetes. She weighed 350 pounds and weighed about 124 pounds.

Her blog is about the 5-year mission after gastric sleeve surgery, the simple narration of her family life and friends and lots of pictures! Susy is fun and upbeat about life. Her blog is a preview into her life that can serve just like anybody’s healthy life, and it shows that sharing one’s journey with others can be an inspiration to others and also helps to see how far you’ve come.

Jacky Lambert

Jacky’s blog is about her journey after gastric sleeve surgery. Her blog is an inspirational story that anyone can achieve their goals when they put their heart and energies into it. She also stresses that gastric sleeve surgery is not the easy way out; you need to keep doing the work after surgery and living a healthy lifestyle to keep your weight down.

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