Jeremy Steward

Jeremy Steward's weight transformation captured in two pictures.


Started my journey on April 1st.
Starting weight at 320 lbs.
I made decisions to get the surgery and change my lifestyle.
I give up alcohol and nicotine that day too.
Follow the pre-surgery diet plan till my surgery.

I had my gastric sleeve surgery on April 30, 2022, and weight in at 305 lbs.

After my surgery, I follow the diet plan and at 2 months I start going to the gym. Now almost 6 months working out I’m up to 7 miles of running in a hour.
This month I starting to lift weights to tone up.
I am down to 170 lbs now and lost a total of 150 lbs!!
I am very happy with decision I made to get the surgery done.
The support from Renew Bariatrics before and after the surgery has been great!!!
Highly recommended to use them for your weight lost surgery!
Follow a strict diet plan and exercise every morning to keep myself disciplined! It can be very tough but the end result is very rewarding!

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