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JL Prado Surgery Center provides a personalized inpatient surgical experience.

JLPrado Surgery Center is in Tijuana, Mexico. The center is committed to the highest medical standards to guarantee total satisfaction to our patients. The center specializes in  Bariatric Surgery.  At JLPrado Surgery Center, care provided to our patients is paramount. Safe, high-quality care and a human approach in our services are our commitment.

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JL Prado Surgical Center Reviews

It’s clean and comfortable

I really wanted to touch on the facilities because there’s a lot of people have concerns with getting their surgery done at a surgery center as opposed to a hospital… felt like it was really important that I touch on this simply because of those concerns. JL Prado surgery center is a new surgery center which is also another reason, it was comfort at surgery centers they have of day in and day out pretty much the same people that work there and I enjoyed being able to see the same people there every single time every single day… and it’s clean very sterile and comfortable!


June 4, 2015

Wonderfull Staff

I’m pain-free I’m doing well I was here at the Recovery Center. For two days where I was treated marvelously and I have nothing but good reviews for this center, so if you’re interested in taking a step towards your
health check out JL Prado, thank you and good luck.


November 1, 2015

I was treated marvelously

The clinic was clean, efficient and the nursing staff was wonderful. Better than some US clinics! The recovery house just as clean and updated, again with great staff

March 10, 2017

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