Bariatric Surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico

Making the decision of where to get bariatric surgery is an essential one. International travel to locations like Guadalajara, Mexico, can offer an excellent opportunity to save money while also receiving exceptional care. Guadalajara, a city in the western state of Jalisco, is large, with over 1.3 million people. It’s known for its beautiful architecture and modern lifestyle. 

Take a closer look at what you can expect if you book a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico, for bariatric surgery. 

Bariatric Centers and Surgeons in Guadalajara, Mexico

Many of the modern hospitals and treatment centers in Guadalajara offer bariatric surgery and care. Some of the most notable bariatric centers and surgeons in Guadalajara include:

  • ALO Bariatrics Center – ALO Bariatrics is headed by bariatric surgeon Dr. Alejandro Lopez. Other bariatric surgeons include Dr. Alejandro Rios, and Dr. Armando Joya. ALO Bariatrics also works with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  • Gastric Bypass Mexico – Gastric Bypass Mexico is headed by bariatric surgeon Dr. José A. Castaneda Cruz.
  • Mexico Bariatric Services – Dr. Gilberto Gonzalez is another bariatric surgeon focusing on the Guadalajara, Mexico market.

Traveling to Guadalajara

Traveling to Guadalajara from the U.S. is not difficult since this is a popular tourist area. Many people visit to explore the cultural history here and attend the Guadalajara International Film Festival. 

The closest U.S. city to Guadalajara is San Antonio, though Austin, Texas, is also very close. Taking a flight from one of these two large international airport destinations allows you to get into the city quickly. The city is about 860 miles from the U.S. border, taking just a few hours to get to when flying. Direct flights to Guadalajara International Airport are readily available most days of the week. 

As a large city, Guadalajara has numerous modes of transportation. Staying close to the weight loss clinic is ideal for those who want to walk to and from the location for appointments. However, rental cars are available and taxis are also readily available. With recovery centers and hotels near the hospitals, it is possible to stay close without having to worry too much about travel.

Bariatric Hospitals in Guadalajara

Various medical facilities are present in Guadalajara that provide bariatric surgery. One of the largest is ALO Bariatrics, which is designed specifically to meet the needs of those traveling internationally for bariatric surgery. This location offers board-certified surgeons and utilizes the most modern bariatric methods. They also provide full concierge services to help you plan and manage your entire trip. This location offers gastric bypass, gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, and duodenal switch, along with revision procedures.

Other bariatric hospitals in Guadalajara include:

  • Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro
  • Hospital Real San José de Guadalajara
  • Hospital Lomas Providencia
  • Hospital CMQ

Guadalajara locations offers hospital facilities that can provide bariatric surgery and has a limited number of patients treated each day, which allows for more personalized care.

Guadalajara vs Tijuana Bariatric Prices

The cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico overall is much lower than in the U.S., and Guadalajara is competitive in this area. Treatment in Guadalajara costs between $4500 and $6500 with some differences based on location and surgery type. This differs between treatment centers and surgeons as well. Costs may be higher for additional services including after care and hotel stays for those traveling to the area.

Tijuana, which is considered one of the best destinations for bariatric surgery due to its advanced medical services and care, is competitive in price as well, offering pricing around $4500 to $6000 for many people.  

When considering the cost of bariatric surgery in either location, note that this is for the same type of care associated with treatment in the U.S. The difference is that in the U.S., costs can range from $11,500 to $35,000. 

Is Guadalajara Best for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

For those considering bariatric surgery in Mexico, either Guadalajara or Tijuana could be ideal locations for their money savings opportunities. However, when choosing between the two, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

The quality of care at both cities is good, but Tijuana’s presence closer to the U.S. has helped to elevate its services to be more like the U.S. in general. The quality of care, equipment used, and professionalism of providers is very high here. Additionally, with full-service recovery support and outstanding amenities available, most people will find that Tijuana is an easy decision for the best bariatric surgery solutions in Mexico. 

Guadalajara overall is safe to visit, but there are some travel warnings issued for the area from time to time. Visitors should book their entire experience in advance to ensure they remain safe throughout their trip. 

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