25 Top Obesity Blogs of 2018

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We scanned the internet and selected the top 25 obesity blogs of 2018. These blogs are filled with informative, credible content from both scientists and everyday people.

A recent study indicates that more than 35% percent of adults in the United States are obese. The blogs listed below will help you to avoid being a part of this statistic.

25 Top Obesity Blogs of 2018

Sharma’s Obesity Notes

The top obesity blog of 2018 is Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes. As a medical professor and head of obesity research, Dr. Sharma is an expert. The doctor founded the Canadian Obesity Network, which now encompasses over 10,000 members. His blog is especially resourceful for those who want to learn the science behind obesity, what causes obesity, and how obesity affects you both physically and mentally.

Rand Corporation

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, RAND Corporation is a nonprofit organization that helps improve policymaking with the help of research. Since a portion of their research revolves around obesity, there’s a whole blog that tackles obesity alone. With posts every couple month, the blog touches on obesity myths, junk food and bad eating habits, and obesity in foreign countries.

Obesity Panacea

Written by two obesity researchers, Obesity Panacea is a veteran weight loss blog that is jampacked with super informative and highly scientific posts. The researchers behind this blog write a few posts per month about exercising, what’s in our food, and the notorious causes of obesity. This award-winning blog is inarguably one of the most informative ones on the internet when it comes to obesity.


Short for Nation Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM is home to various training plans designed for weight loss. Since it’s a sports medicine organization, the blog posts routinely cover exercise topics such as how exercise improves your hormone balances and how to work off your Halloween candy. With over six pages of quality posts, this blog is definitely worth a look.

Robard Corporation

Located in New Jersey, Robard Corporation is an organization that provides health care providers with weight loss programs. Since the group is headed by several experts in the field, the blog is a credible source for informative content. There are over sixty-one pages of posts that are sorted by category, ranging in topics from weight loss kits to choosing medication over surgery.

Harvard Health

Everyone has heard of Harvard, but not everyone realizes that the university has a website full of health articles ranging from cancer to heart health. With that said, Harvard Health Publishing is a great resource for obesity articles. A quick search for “weight” will bring up weight loss tips, weight-loss drugs, and several other obesity topics worth reading.

The Gravity of Weight

You’re probably familiar with Psychology Today, an American magazine published every two months. While the magazine’s website covers a vast range of health-related topics, there’s a portion of the website that focuses just on obesity and weight loss. The Gravity of Weight blog is written by Dr. Karasu and features historical articles related to obesity, childhood obesity, and other unique topics such as body weight in the era of climate change.


India based calorie tracker, Healthifyme, is revolutionizing healthy eating and weight loss all over the south Asian country. The website’s blog is a bright and cheery resource for dieting tips, fitness techniques, and inspirational stores. In addition, a portion of the website is dedicated solely to individuals who have achieved success with the tracker.

Escape from Obesity

With no photos of her face, the mom and blogger behind Escape from Obesity discretely tells the tale of her life as an obese woman. She is one of the most frequent bloggers on the list, with several lengthy posts each week. This blog is almost like a personal diary, with in-depth posts about her counselor visits, daily meals, and exact weight measurements, you’ll be filled in on all the details.

Why Be Obese

Many people have probably pondered the question “why be obese?” Well, you guessed it, this blog’s goal is to inform you all about obesity and how to avoid it. With about one new post per month, the blog does a good job of explaining why people are obese and what you can do to lose weight.

Obesity Action Scotland

Based out of the UK, Obesity Action Scotland is an organization with the goal of advocating for the prevention and reduction of obesity in Scotland. Although the organization was just founded in 2015, it’s headed by a large group of doctors and professors. The nonprofit’s blog is filled with posts about the group itself, the severity of the obesity epidemic in Scotland, and healthy eating.

Fat Girl, PhD

After slimming down and losing her title as a “fat” girl, the woman behind the Fat Girl, PhD took to the internet to share her remarkable journey. The blogger is uniquely genuine and admittedly still indulges in sweets and pizza after a long day. Her blog showcases feminism, body image, and recipe posts. With an internet presence since 2012, there’s plenty of content to keep you busy.

Weighty Matters

Canadian doctor and author Yoni Freedhoff is the genius behind the Weighty Matters blog. Dr. Freedhoff has extensive knowledge about nutrition, dieting tips, and the negative side effects of obesity. The doctor also strays away from scientific topics and occasionally writes about social issues such as fat acceptance and school food policies.

What The Fat

Although the name is amusing, the What the Fat book series is a powerful tool for weight loss. The set of books focuses on fasting and diet plans that will “change your life.” If you’d rather not buy the books, the website boasts a blog that’s illuminated with photos of delicious foods that accompany informative posts about dieting tips, mindful eating, how-to guides.

Fat Girl Flow

Corissa Enneking is a self-proclaimed “fatty” and isn’t afraid to let the world know it. Born in the Midwest, she’s constantly been under societal pressure and ridiculed for being obese. Unlike other blogs, Corissa writes mostly about plus size fashion, with an occasional post about body positivity or eating disorders.

Intensive Dietary Management

IDM, short for Intensive Dietary Management, is an organization that offers an online program coaching program for weight loss and fasting. Headed by Dr. Jason Fung, the blog has extensive content about natural remedies for obesity, exercise and diets for diabetics, and fasting rules. There are a few new posts each month and the community actively engages in the comment section.

India Obesity

Also known as Mohak Bariatrics and Robotics, India Obesity is a clinic located in the town of Indore and specializes in weight loss and diabetes surgeries. With posts in both English and Hindi, the clinic’s blog has a wide array of posts that cover various bariatric procedures, obesity’s link to terminal illnesses, and obesity’s effect on aging and the brain

Obesity Canada

Dubbed one of the biggest obesity charities in Canada, Obesity Canada supports lawmakers, obese Canadians, doctors, and researchers. Their blog is used as a means to reach out to both obese Canadians and Canadians actively involved in supporting obesity programs. The majority of the posts center around political action, personal stories, and self-care.

It’s Not About Nutrition

Dr. Diana Rose’s blog, It’s Not About Nutrition, targets parents with young children. There is a handful of posts weight gain in children and the types of food that are to blame. The other handful of posts promote healthy eating habits and creative ways to get children to try new, healthier foods.

Shilling Ford

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. Shilling Ford is a bariatric surgeon who doubles as a blogger. He performs gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and lap band operations. Although his blog touches a lot on bariatric surgery, there are general obesity articles also, such as the post that discerns office culture as a culprit.

From Obese to Beast

Adam, aka “The Beast,” was morbidly obese for almost his entire adult life. After he started to work out, eat a healthier diet, and take supplements, Adam lost over 200 pounds. He uses his blog to stress the importance of eating right, getting enough sleep, being active, and finding support groups.

Hormones MD

Founded by endocrinologist Dr. Abboud, the blog at Hormones MD focuses specifically on diabetes and its link to obesity. The blog doesn’t just feature tips for obese diabetics, but also general information about reducing stress-induced obesity, medical weight loss programs, and the thyroid’s role in controlling metabolism and weight gain.

Resilient Fat Goddess

With a focus on body positivity and fat liberation, The Resilient Fat Goddess (Sarah) uses her blog to discuss personal issues such as her eating disorder, fatphobia she experiences, and public perceptions of being obese. If you’d rather listen to her talk, she has a handful of Podcasts that she’s been featured on.

Burn the Fat Blog

Home of world-renowned author Tom Venuto, Burn the Fat Blog is the go-to place for exercise and diet tips to slim down. From learning to do pull-ups to low carb diets, there’s no better guru than a bodybuilder who supports an all-natural and whole food approach to muscle building.

The Fat Emperor

Although formally educated as a chemical engineer, Ivor Cummins’ blog centers around treating and preventing heart disease. He posts a few times a month and often uploads podcasts and videos with other experts in the field. A wide variety of topics are covered, ranging from chronic heart diseases to keto diets.

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We’ve carefully picked these top obesity blogs because they’re actively working to promote, inspire, and engage their obesity visitors with frequent updates and high-quality information.

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