Bariatric Surgery in Mexico City, Mexico: Bariatric Surgeons, Average Costs, & Hospitals

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is one of the most recognizable cities in Mexico. It is the oldest capital city on the continent and founded by Indigenous people in the 13th century. Today, it is also one of the largest cities in the country with 8.855 million people calling it home. An important destination for commerce and trade, and the heart of the country overall, millions of people travel to Mexico City each year.

One of the reasons to visit is for bariatric surgery. Mexico City’s medical facilities are considered high quality and on the same level as many U.S. medical centers. Thousands of patients make their way to Mexico City each year to get care from the specialized doctors and treatment facilities in the area. 

If you are considering bariatric weight loss surgery in Mexico City, there are a few things you should know about the experience and the services offered. 

Bariatric Centers and Surgeons in Mexico City, Mexico

Numerous medical professionals, including some of the country’s leading surgeons, provide bariatric surgery in Mexico City. The following are some of the most notable providers:

  • Hospital Medica Sur, a private hospital in Mexico City with Dr. Gonzalo Torres heading the bariatrics department.
  • Dr. Ismael Jonathan Vazquez Bailon
  • Dr. Jorge Ramirez Velasquez
  • Dr. Itzel Fernandez

Traveling to Mexico City

Traveling to Mexico City from the U.S. is possible by car or plane. Trains and bus options exist as well. The trip from San Antonio, Texas, to Mexico City takes about 15 hours by car, but only about 2 to 3 hours by plane. 

Those traveling into Mexico City by plane will likely arrive through the Mexico City International Airport, which serves the greater Mexico City area. It is officially called the Benito Juarez International Airport and has direct flights from throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as other countries available. 

As a large city, there are numerous hotels and attractions to explore if you have time to visit prior to your medical procedure. Getting around the city can be done by car or bus, though most people will use taxis or the concierge service provided by the hospital or medical center. The larger hospitals for weight loss surgery in Mexico City are located in more upscale and safer communities, but there are some smaller locations in more rural areas of the community to consider. 

Bariatric Hospitals in Mexico City

For those planning to receive care for weight loss in Mexico City, making arrangements in advance through one of the local hospitals is critical. There are a few notable locations throughout the region that could be options for you. 

The largest hospital providing bariatric surgery to international patients in Mexico City is Medica Sur, a large, multi-service hospital that has been labeled the best hospital in the country from 2021 to 2024. It is particularly noted for its high-quality of care, state-of-the-art technology and amenities, and its advanced are options. This location and its surgeons offer most types of bariatric surgery including gastric bypass and lab band. They also offer full weight loss support services prior to and after weight loss surgery. 

Hospital Angeles Clinica is another location to consider in Mexico City. As a specialized bariatric weight loss hospital, this location offers comprehensive weight loss solutions, including the most modern methods and techniques. This location’s weight loss surgery program is led by Dr. Jorge Ramirez Velasquez, a noted weight loss surgeon who has served the area for decades. This hospital offers a full surgical suite with supportive care for the hours after the procedure. Over their history, they have completed more than 5,500 procedures and offer treatment using both traditional and laparoscopic care. 

Another location is Aesthetic & Bariatric Medical Center, also known as A & B. This location offers a range of care options for weight loss, including weight loss surgery, liposuction, and plastic surgery solutions. They are noted for their support of international medical tourism, helping patients from throughout the continent get care at a competitive price. 

Mexico City vs Tijuana Bariatric Prices

Many people travel to Mexico City for the affordability of bariatric surgery. In the U.S., the cost of bariatric surgery can range from $11,000 to $35,000 without insurance coverage and significant out-of-pocket costs with insurance coverage. The cost of medical procedures that are much the same as they are in the U.S. is much less in Mexico City.

Gastric banding surgery typically costs around $6,400 in Mexico City, while a procedure like gastric sleeve surgery will cost around $7,800. That is dependent on the location selected. Some hospitals tend to cost more because of their more advanced level of care and service. 

When comparing these costs to those in Tijuana, one of the top destinations for international bariatric surgery, you will likely find similar pricing. Tijuana’s average costs range from $4500 to $6500, with some variation. 

Is Mexico City Best for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

While Mexico City offers modern hospitals with ample bariatric surgery options, it is not a better option than Tijuana, where costs may be competitively lower. Tijuana is also very close to the U.S. border, which means that much of the same level of care and support is provided here. 

Tijuana is the best option for bariatric surgery in Mexico, as it is closer to mainland US – offering faster and cheaper flights.

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