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Have you been wandering why athletes put on clothes that are tight and possibly revealing the shape of their body during exercise? You think they like showing their six packs? These clothes are meant to serve some purposes and make the whole exercise a comfortable and comforting experience. For your bariatric exercise, appropriate gear is necessary to make some body movement during exercise a lot easier.
Considering the numerous benefits you stand to gain from exercise after your weight loss surgery, no amount of sacrifice may is too much in ensuring that you get everything necessary for the success of your work-out. You may, therefore, need to compromise on your outfit for exercise.

Your primary consideration in choosing what to wear for your bariatric exercise should be a comfort. When you are comfortable, exercise becomes easier to do and sustain. There are different types of athletic gear. They come in various sizes and also differ in term of the degree of comfort they provide. Your decision in choosing equipment may also be influence by the location of your exercise, indoor or outdoor. The following tips will help you decide on what to wear for your bariatric exercise.


Compression gear made of elastic materials may help increase the degree of flexion and extension, stabilize the joints and therefore reduce the risk of injury. They may also reduce pain from muscle tightness and soreness. They also improve blood flow to the exercising muscles by enhancing venous return. Nevertheless, if compression gear causes you any discomfort, go for another type of equipment such as fitted garments.

Avoid wearing loose clothes such as baggy. They will be disturbing your movement during exercise. It is better to go for fitted clothes. Clothes that are slim-fitted will allow smooth mobility and will not get in your way during exercise.

When you exercise, you will sweat. This may make you feel uncomfortable and may prevent you from completing the day’s workout schedule. Gear that is made from materials that allow proper aeration is the best. Those that have wick properties will also be good as they will quickly absorb the sweat and prevent you from feeling moist. During cold weather, you should wear long sleeve clothes that will keep you warm. This will increase the amount of calorie that will be burnt.

While going for exercise, you may need to take your car key, wallet, phone, and music player along. This may also be factored-in when choosing your gear. Buy those with pockets preferably with zips that will accommodate these items and prevent them from getting lost.


Your shoes are as important as your clothes. Good shoes help to avoid ankle and foot injuries. Athletic shoes may also enhance proper weight distribution and prevent back ache that may follow some types of exercise. Appropriate shoes will also protect your knee joints and stabilize your gait. When choosing the type of shoes, the following factors should be put into consideration.

The size and shape of your feet

Athletic shoes are produced in different sizes and shapes. Choosing the appropriate size and shape that fits your feet without any area of pain or discomfort will go a long way in ensuring a convenient and pain-free exercise. Always try to wear shoes before purchasing them to ascertain whether it’s your size and if it accurately fits the shape of your feet. It is not uncommon to have one foot bigger than the other, go for the larger size.

How flexible is the shoe?

Movement during exercise may require you to stand on the tip of your toes, dorsiflex or plantarflex your ankle joint. The shoe should, therefore, be flexible enough to allow all these movements without causing discomfort. The interior should be well padded for shock and moisture absorption. When you put on the shoe, the feeling should be that of stability and not imbalance.

Your weight

Because you are overweight, it might be difficult to find an appropriate shoe that will offer fitness and last long. Your foot may be excessively pronated making it difficult to get a shoe that will fit the shape of your foot. Since the shoe is not specially made for you, you only need to get something with an extremely foamy interior that will align with the shape of your foot.

An interior that will align with the shape of your foot.

Getting the perfect shoe requires that you visit stores that specialize in different types of athletic shoes. Choose a shoe that best fits your foot by ensuring that you put on the socks and other accessories that you will use with it during exercise wile testing the shoe. After putting it on, stand up and see how comfortable it is and the degree of stability it offers. Walk a short distance and see if you experience any discomfort or pain.

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