Bariatric Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery, Bariatric Centers and Hospitals

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Many people know that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a lavish resort town, a location to visit for relaxing on the white sand beaches while enjoying modern amenities including a thriving night scene and fantastic water sports. Yet, medical tourists can undergo bariatric surgery in Mexico, including in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is another reason to visit. A notable destination for weight loss surgery, there are a few key factors keep in mind if you plan to travel internationally for bariatric care. 

Bariatric Centers and Surgeons in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Several weight loss and bariatric centers and surgeons are present in Puerto Vallarta. Many centers offering medical services are located in Nuevo Vallarta and surrounding areas near Puerto Vallarta. Some of the most notable locations and practices in the area include:

  • Weight Loss Team at CMQ Hospitals Puerto Vallarta – WeightLossTeam is headed by bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Arturo Parra. Additional bariatric surgeons include: Dr. Carlos Ochoa Del Toro and Dr. Kurt Kasten Paredes.
  • Bariatric Health Mexico – Bariatric Health Mexico is headed by bariatric surgeon Dr. Sergio A. Del Hoyo and  Dr. Christian O. Ramirez.
  • ALO Bariatrics – ALO Bariatrics is headed by Dr. Alejandro Lopez Ortega a leading bariatric surgeon. ALO is the initials of Dr. Alejandro Lopez Ortega. Additional bariatric surgeons include: Dr. Armando Joya Munguía, Dr. Alejandro Ríos, Dr. David Javier Orozco Agüet and Dr. Helmut Heribert Hilke Viera.

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta

One of the reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta for bariatric surgery is how accessible it is. While it is not directly on the US border, there are many airlines that fly from the US to this destination throughout the year. Most major airport hubs in the US and Canada will flight directly to the city, making traveling to Puerto Vallarta easy to do. Typically, international visitors arrive at Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport. That is about a four mile trip from the downtown area of the city.

The city is also noted for its numerous hotels and travel destinations. There is plenty to do, though most people coming for bariatric surgery will find the hotels and resorts more expensive than the all-inclusive care centers provided after your procedure. 

Bariatric Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The largest and most commonly used hospital for bariatric surgery in Puerto Vallarta is Nuevo Vallarta Surgery Hospital, located in the San Javier Medical Tower. This is a very modern hospital offering advanced weight loss surgery options and treatment. It has a strong medical tourism presence, thanks to the number of worldwide visitors who come to the area for care. 

Other hospitals in the area that offer bariatric surgery include:

  • Amerimed 
  • CornerStone or Medica Ebor Hospital
  • Hospital CMQ Riviera Nayarit

Each of these locations offers quality medical care and ongoing support to patients who receive weight loss surgery here. 

CornerStone, once a well-recognized destination for bariatric care in the country, has changed its name to Medica Ebor Hospital. It provides a wide range of medical procedures and has become an internationally recognized location for the quality of care it offers. It has a full suite of services to meet patient needs, including emergency care, x-rays and diagnostics in a lab setting, and full hospitalization services if needed. 

Puerto Vallarta vs Tijuana Bariatric Prices

The cost of bariatric surgery in Puerto Vallarta will vary depending on the type of procedure, the patient’s needs, and the type of care provided. However, you can expect the average cost of a gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta to be around $5,000. For gastric bypass, a more invasive procedure, the average cost is $6,900.

One of the most common and desired locations for bariatric surgery in Mexico is Tijuana, and cost is one of the main reasons people select this location. In Tijuana, the cost of a gastric sleeve is closer to $4,400, and a gastric bypass is around $5,500.

For those considering the options for either location, cost is just one factor. Other factors must be considered as well to ensure a safe location for care.

Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun for Bariatric Surgery

Puerto Vallarta is also often compared with Cancun for bariatric surgery. Cancun offers similar, a vacation destination – however, much larger than Puerto Vallarta. Cancun weight loss surgery prices tend to be similar to Puerto Vallarta, but often cheaper.

Another benefit of Cancun, is that they provide their guests with ample hotel options for those seeking a vacation.

Is Puerto Vallarta Best For Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta is an ideal location for bariatric surgery for those who are looking for a high-end, resort-like stay (keep in mind that most people who are traveling to the area are not going to take advantage of the resort features if they are getting bariatric surgery). It offers quality hospitals and care for patients.

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However, compared to Tijuana, there are a few differences that must be considered. Tijuana, which is just 16 miles from San Diego, is highly accessible and tends to be a fraction of the cost of Puerto Vallarta. That includes for medical care and all bariatric surgery but also for day-to-day expenses like food and travel needs. 

Puerto Vallarta Travel Advisory

There are no other restrictions on travel for U.S government employees in Jalisco state which includes tourist areas in: Guadalajara Metropolitan AreaPuerto Vallarta (including neighboring Riviera Nayarit)Chapala, and Ajijic.

Also, Tijuana is noted for its superior bariatric surgery facilities and some of the world’s best surgeons. They utilize the most advanced technologies that are virtually the same as those found in the US and adhere to US standards of medical care. For all of these reasons, many people should consider the benefits of getting bariatric surgery in Tijuana instead of Puerto Vallarta if they can chose between the two destinations for weight loss surgery.

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