16 Reasons Why Bariatric Surgery is Cheaper in Mexico

Why Bariatric Surgery is Cheaper in Mexico

Bariatric surgery is far more affordable in Mexico than in the U.S. In Mexico, you can expect to pay between $4,600 and $7,000 for various bariatric procedures. In the U.S., that costs balloons to $12,500 to $20,000. 

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Why is that? As you take a look at the following factors, consider how this should influence your decision on where to get care.

#1: Low cost of living

The cost of living in Mexico is one of the reasons this medical procedure is less expensive there. The cost of living in Mexico is a fraction of what the same items cost in the U.S. For example, rent can be as much as 71% lower. Overall, prices range from 50 to 100% less expensive overall according to Numbeo.

#2: Health care is half the cost overall

The overall cost of healthcare in Mexico is about half what you would pay for the same types of procedures in the U.S. Even beyond bariatric procedures, the overall cost for any electric medical treatment is about half the cost, as noted by NPR

#3: There’s less red tape to get the procedure

In the U.S., you may need to start with your primary care physician, go through a battery of tests, receive approval from numerous other medical providers before you can be considered for the procedure. There’s far less red tape in Mexico, meaning it’s easier to get the procedure.

#4: The American dollar is worth more

The American dollar is worth 16.80 pesos, meaning your dollar goes farther in Mexico than it would in the U.S. While not a direct reflection of the lower healthcare costs, this is a viable reason why you will pay less out-of-pocket for the care.

#5: Mexico bariatric surgeons aim for more surgical volume

Most bariatric surgeons in Mexico, including in larger areas like Tijuana, offer several types of bariatric procedures, including gastric sleeve, roux-en-y bypass, and other bariatric procedures. This offers them advantage of spreading out their medical overhead over a larger volume of patients – lowering their total per-patient cost.

#6: They use the most advanced equipment

Because locations like Tijuana are so close to the U.S., medical providers in the area have access to top-quality and some of the most advanced technology available. Newer technology is faster, more efficient, and safer overall, reducing overall costs without limiting success.

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#7: All-inclusive packages lower costs

While you may think the cost of care is offset by travel costs, some bariatric providers in Mexico offer all-inclusive packages. These will include the surgeon’s fee but also all of the hotel and transportation services, post-operative care, and the related hospital fees.

#8: Pre-operative testing is still done, but it is part of the deal

Unlike in the U.S., the pre-operating testing to ensure a person is healthy enough for bariatric surgery is included in those fees. 

#9: Doctors are paid less overall

Unlike in the U.S., doctors in Mexico are paid much less due to the lower cost of living. That means those savings are passed on to you.

#10: Doctors carry less student debt in Mexico

Mexico’s doctors don’t have nearly the student loan debt that Americans do. The average student loan debt for a doctor in the U.S. is over $28,000. Government subsidies keep costs much lower in Mexico, allowing for quality education without long-term debt.

#11: Medication is less expensive

The cost of medication in Mexico is much lower than in the U.S. From pain medication to supplemental products to support nutrition needs after bariatric surgery, it just costs less, as noted by NPR.

#12: There’s less litigation

Doctors don’t have to worry about medical malpractice costs in Mexico as they do in the U.S. That reduces their costs to operate their facilities significantly. 

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#13: There’s less corporate interference 

Unlike the political climate in the U.S., those seeking medical care in Mexico will find lower corporate pressure, which translates into lower overall prices. Profits are less demanding, and that means they do not have to charge as much for medical care.

#14: Tijuana, Mexico is a leading destination for bariatric surgery

With Tijuana, Mexico being a leading destination for weight loss surgery, you find numerous of bariatric centers in Tijuana competing to attract international patients, which puts pressure on prices and total costs.

#15: Mexican hospitals follow U.S. standards

There is no drop in overall care, though. Keep in mind that Mexican medical centers tend to follow the same type of medical standards as in the U.S. They want to promote medical tourism, and to do so, they need to maintain quality conditions and affordability. 

#16: The overall cost of medical care is lower

Thanks to the lower cost of living, medical supplies, equipment, medical facilities, and other assets doctors need are far more affordable. That lowers the overall cost of bariatric care.

These are just some of the main reasons you will pay less for bariatric surgery in Mexico than in the U.S. If you’re ready to get started on your journey, please apply for surgery today.

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