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Gastric Sleeve Celebrities – Before and Afters

Gastric Sleeve Articles

Gastric sleeve surgery has been gaining increased prominence as many celebrities are turning to it as their go-to weight loss procedure. The gastric sleeve procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach using staples to create a sleeve-shaped stomach which is typically the size of a banana.

With this new size, the portion of food one eats is severely limited – one can only hold about a cup of food which helps an individual to limit what one eats because they fill up very quickly. While the amount of food consumed is physically limited, digestion and absorption remain reasonable.

Some well-known celebrities who have done this procedure include:

Oprah Winfrey Gastric SleeveOprah Winfrey

The popular TV show host weighed 237 pounds at one time. With the help of gastric sleeve, she has shed most of her pounds and now weighs around 160 pounds and is looking fantastic. She is also a member of Weight Watchers.

Aretha Franklin

The soulful musician, who is well known for her hit track Respect, was a big woman weighing an overwhelming 300 pounds at one point in her life. Her friends and family played a significant role in getting her to do something about weight and with gastric sleeve surgery she lost over 100 pounds. Much Respect to the Queen of Soul!

Angie Stone

Angie is a well-known singer who used to be in the hip-hop trio known as The Sequence in the 70s. Angie was diagnosed with diabetes, and as a way to manage her weight she went through surgery and lost 75 pounds.

Mariah Carey Gastric SleeveMariah Carey

The well-known American singer whose voice could hit an incredible soprano rose to fame with her track Vision of Love in 1990. After giving birth to twins in 2011, Mariah weighed 180 pounds. She went through gastric sleeve surgery and lost 40 lbs.

Reuben Studdard

Reuben shot to fame after winning the 2nd season of the hit reality TV show – American Idol. He is well known for his gospel, R&B and pop songs. He has lost over 100 pounds from his whopping 450 pounds.

Star Jones

Star is an actress who is well-known for her role in The View and was at one point overly obese weighing over 300 pounds. Jones went through gastric surgery and shed off 160 pounds in three years.

Shonda Rhimes

Shonda is best known for her writing skills for the hit series Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Shonda claimed that she decided to do something about her weight when she could no longer buckle her seatbelt. She went on to lose 127 pounds.

Rosie Mercado Gastric SleeveRosie Mercado

Rosie is an international model who decided it was time to lose weight when an airline employee informed her that she needed to purchase an extra seat to fit on the plane. By then she had reached a high of 410 pounds. She went through gastric sleeve surgery and lost a total of 240 pounds. She now weighs a size 12-14 from a size 36.

Graham Elliot

Elliot, the celebrity MasterChef judge, has battled with weight all his life, and he decided a change was necessary. He decided to lose his weight and do it for his family. He underwent gastric sleeve surgery and lost a whopping 150 pounds.

Paul Wall

Paul Wall is a Houston-based rapper who rose to stardom with his debut The People’s Champ. Drugs and diet affected his lifestyle, and he put on a lot of weight over the years. With the help of his wife, he decided to embrace a healthier way of life and underwent gastric surgery. He lost over 100 pounds, and today he and his wife serve as examples for people looking to lose weight and live healthily.

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