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Gastric Sleeve vs. CoolSculpting


If you’ve been trying to lose weight, or if you’re almost done with your weight loss journey, then you’ve probably come across these two terms: gastric sleeve and cool sculpting. These two are completely different procedures, geared towards helping you with body image issues in different ways. Before deciding which procedure you’d want to be done between the two, here is a little background on both of them to get you started.

Gastric Sleeve

Ever heard of liposuction? What about gastric bands? Well, the gastric sleeve is an operational procedure like these two, but that is where the similarity ends. Gastric sleeve is a surgical process in which a person has part of his stomach removed.

Gastric sleeve is suitable for those people who live healthy lifestyles but still have a problem losing weight, or those who want a faster alternative to weight loss. During the one-hour procedure, surgeons take out about three-quarters of your stomach and tie the remainder up1. The result is that you have only 1/10 of the original size of your stomach left to use after the procedure. After undergoing gastric sleeve, you have to rest for about 2-3 days to recuperate. Something else that changes after the procedure is your diet. For the first few weeks, you’ll have to survive on fluid diets. You’ll gradually introduce solid foods into your diet and modify your eating habits1. For instance, you won’t eat and drink at the same time after you’ve undergone this procedure.

Cool Sculpting

Unlike gastric sleeve which involves surgery, cool sculpting is a non-invasive method of sculpting the body. After losing weight, you might have a few areas where the fat doesn’t come off. Cool sculpting uses cold and the body’s natural metabolism to burn off this excess stubborn fat2. This is how it works: the professional in charge of the procedure marks the spot where the fat needs to be cut out. He or she then introduces cold to the area. The cold freezes and crystallizes the fat cells in that region. Your body, reacting naturally, categorizes these cells as useless and gets rid of them3. As a result, the fat in that region is reduced.

This FDA-approved procedure is a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want to undergo surgery but still wants to enjoy the benefits of a good-looking body.

Weight Loss Differences

Cool sculpting and gastric sleeve are different procedures in many ways, especially when it comes to weight loss. For one, people who go through gastric sleeve are usually obese and therefore need to lose considerable weight – and its weight loss expectation shows that. Gastric sleeve ensures that such individuals eat less and get hungry less often, thus helping them lose weight. Those that go for cool sculpting, on the other hand, usually already ideal body weights and fitness regimes. They just want to get rid of fat that healthy eating and exercise cannot burn or they want to target specific areas with this treatment.

In short, whereas gastric sleeve makes you slim, cool sculpting makes you taut. When it comes to weight loss, gastric sleeve is the obvious winner. Within about 18 months of undergoing the procedure, you lose about 60% of your excess body weight.

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