How Much to Tip in Mexico During Bariatric Surgery?

How Much to Tip in Mexico During Bariatric Surgery

When in Mexico, tipping is a way to show thanks for the care you receive. This is true in many situations, including after bariatric surgery in Mexico. While tipping is common in places like hotels and taxis, it’s not expected for medical staff. Instead, consider a small gift or a thank you note if you want to thank your healthcare team. 

This guide will help you understand who to tip, who not to tip, and how to show your appreciation appropriately.

Should I Tip in Mexico?

Although not required, tipping in Mexico is a common way to show appreciation for service. While there are clear expectations for tipping in some sectors, such as restaurants and hospitality, the guidelines for medical services, including bariatric surgery, can be less clear.

In Tijuana and Cancun use US currency, and tipping in US currency is acceptable – and some prefer it to the Mexican pesos.

Who Should I Tip?

  • Drivers and Transportation: It’s polite to tip Renew Bariatrics’ transportation team. For example, you can tip your drivers $10-40 for the entire round-trip.
  • Hotel Employees: Bellboys, housekeepers, and other hotel staff should be tipped for their services. For example, a few dollars per bag for hotel porters and a similar amount per day for housekeepers.
  • Patient Coordinators: Patient coordinators can be tipped for their excellent service during your hospital stay. For example, $10-20 is a nice gesture for excellent service.
  • Restaurant Staff: If you or companion eat at a restaurant in Mexico, it is customary to tip – just like the US and Canada restaurants.

Who Should You Not Tip?

  • Medical Staff: It’s not customary to tip doctors, nurses, or medical staff, including those involved in bariatric surgery. These professionals offer their services as part of the medical fee and don’t expect tips.

If You Want to Tip the Medical Staff

If you feel compelled to show gratitude to the medical staff for exceptional care, a small, thoughtful gift or a thank you card is more appropriate than a cash tip. This gesture is seen as a personal thank you rather than a tip.

What some of our clients say about tipping in Mexico


I rewarded our driver with $20 for each leg of the journey between San Diego and Tijuana and gave $10 to the hotel-to-hospital driver. Tips for room service, the doorman, housekeeping, and the bellhop were $2 each. I prepared by carrying plenty of single dollar bills, knowing from previous visits to Mexico that obtaining U.S. currency as change can be challenging.

Isabella and Michael

We expressed our gratitude to our driver with tips of $10 and $15, acknowledging the importance of our safety in his hands. His appreciation was unparalleled. In just a few days, we positively impacted the lives of many diligent individuals. As we prepare to fly out, we’re leaving with immense joy.


Although not required, tipping is a nice way to say thanks to our hardworking team.

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