Should you Choose a Hospital or Surgical Center for Medical Tourism in Mexico?

Hospital or Surgical Center

Are you planning to have a gastric sleeve or another bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico? 

Mexico is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for medical tourism. That is because of its world-class medical facilities, top doctors, and affordable medical care. If you are considering a gastric sleeve or another weight loss surgery in Mexico, you might be wondering if you should choose a hospital or surgical center. This is a question that you will want to talk to your doctor about. There are some advantages to both. We’ll take a closer look at the differences between hospitals and surgical centers. But first, let’s talk about weight loss tourism in Tijuana. 

Weight Loss Tourism in Tijuana 

Located just 15 minutes from the United States border, Tijuana draws a large number of visitors from Canada and the United States. It is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico for medical tourism, especially for people from San Diego and other areas in California. There are a variety of world-class hospitals and bariatric surgical centers in Tijuana. The city of Tijuana has strict quality control guidelines for hospitals and surgical centers that perform bariatric surgeries. This results in an excellent standard of care. 

Is Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Worth It? 

Absolutely! If you have tried to lose weight multiple times and have failed, then bariatric surgery is worth it. The benefits of surgery outweigh the risk of complications. Mexico can be a great destination for bariatric surgery because the cost is so low. 

In general, gastric sleeve and other weight loss surgeries are safe and effective in Mexico. Plus, patients can save thousands by choosing to have surgery in Mexico.

Where Is the Best Place To Have Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico?

So, where should you have bariatric surgery? Here’s a look at some of the differences between hospitals and bariatric surgical centers. 


A hospital has everything that is needed for major medical specialties like an ER, MRI, ICU, pharmacy, and more. This is beneficial if you are considering other medical procedures besides gastric sleeve.  By choosing a hospital, you can avoid multiple trips to different medical centers. In the case of an emergency, you have everything needed in one place. Many hospitals have cafeterias, concierge services and other amenities, which is ideal if you are traveling with a companion. 

Surgical Centers 

Bariatric surgery centers specialize in bariatric surgery. They may have multiple operating rooms.  These hospitals feature the latest medical and surgical bariatric equipment. Some, like the Obesity Surgery Center, feature advanced amenities, including single patient rooms, high-speed internet, and more. 

Questions to Ask Your Surgical Staff

To help you evaluate where to have your surgery, there are some questions that you should ask your surgeon or the bariatric clinic staff. 

  • What emergency care is available? 
  • Do you offer private hospital rooms? 
  • Where are you located? 
  • Do you provide transportation from the airport? 
  • What facilities are available for companions? 
  • What is the recovery center like?  

How to Choose a Hospital or Surgical Center

Choosing the right facility for your bariatric surgery is one of the most important decisions you can make. Here are some things to look for when choosing a hospital or bariatric surgical center.  

Are the Surgeons Board Certified? 

Doctors who are awarded board certification in bariatric surgery have advanced training in bariatrics. The doctor’s credentials are carefully reviewed by the board certification body before they are awarded board certification. 

Surgeons with board certification have documentation of excellent follow-up of patients including dietary care, nursing care, psychological care, and exercise. Board certification means the surgeon has high success rates, excellent patient satisfaction, and low rates of complications. 

Make Sure It Is Fully Licensed

Ensure that the facility that you choose is fully licensed to perform bariatric surgeries. 

Look for Accreditation 

If you choose to have surgery at a hospital, look for accreditation by the General Health Council of Mexico (CSG). Only three hospitals in Mexico have this accreditation. Hospitals that have CSG accreditation offer the highest standards of infection control and patient safety. 

Another accreditation to ask about is The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO). Members that receive this accreditation adhere to strict standards for bariatric surgery. 

Check Out Patient Reviews 

Patient reviews are important when it comes to choosing a bariatric surgery center. Ask if they have testimonials from real patients and before and after pictures. What kind of success stories are available? 

Are The Staff Bilingual? 

Make sure the facility has a fully bilingual staff. Look for doctors, nurses, and administrators that are bilingual in Spanish and English. 

How Many Years of Experience Do The Surgeons Have? 

Years of experience are important when it comes to bariatric surgery. At Renew Bariatrics, our surgeons have more than 50 combined years of experience in performing bariatric procedures. Together, they have performed thousands of procedures. 

In Conclusion 

Traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery can be a life-changing experience. But, it’s important to choose the right surgical center or hospital for your surgery. Paying attention to the points above will help you select a high-quality hospital.

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