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Best Bariatric Surgery Products

Bariatric Dieting

There is no doubt that bariatric surgery improves quality of life, decreases the overall cost of care and increases the length of a patient’s life due to improvement in diabetes, heart disease and decreased risk of cancer. Long-term bariatric follow-up requires attention to several aspects of care: exercise and nutrition being two of the most important aspect to maximize weight loss and prevent weight gain safely.
The main goals after any bariatric gastric surgery are to maximize weight loss and absorption of nutrients, to maintain adequate hydration, and to maximize on a workout routine. Significant weight loss can be achieved and maintained on a long-term basis only when a patient follows the recommended bariatric surgery diet, exercise, and lifestyle guidelines set by their surgeon, nutritionist, therapist, and other bariatric support staff.

Support after bariatric surgery is an equally important aspect that will help a patient keep on track with diet and lifestyle changes so that significant weight loss is achieved and maintained. Such support can be in the form of nutritional counseling, exercise instruction, psychological counseling, as well as weight loss surgery support groups, online forums for bariatric patients, family and friends. The right kind of motivation will help individuals meet and exceed their weight loss goals.

There are also numerous bariatric surgery products and gear that patients can use during their weight loss journey to help them stay focused on a number of things such as meal planning, hydration, exercise, to mention a few.

Bariatric Surgery Abdominal Binder

This wide compression belt that is worn around the abdomen is made from elastic and have Velcro or hook and loop closures. After bariatric surgery, your stomach needs something to hold your abdominal muscles together. An abdominal binder not only holds everything together in place but also reduces swelling, helps to relieve pain, provides support and increases circulation at the surgical area so as to promote healing and decrease swelling.

Using an abdominal binder correctly is also known to improve overall mobility and make physical activity more comfortable as well as strengthen the abdominal muscles after bariatric surgery. Depending on the type of surgery, an abdominal binder can either be used up to six weeks after the procedure or for the full length of your recovery period.

Bariatric Measure Bottle

Keeping up with the recommended daily intake of water and liquid protein after bariatric surgery has never been easy. The BPA free bariatric measure bottle ensures that patients have their 2 liters of water or protein shake every day. Individual bottles feature different motivating quote and unique timeline measured to keep track of your daily water intake.

Water is very important especially after bariatric surgery because it aids in proper wound healing, helps the body burn fat instead of muscle for healthier weight loss and supports your metabolism, so you lose weight quicker. Water also keeps the body’s cells, hair and skin hydrated, it is great for eliminating waste, and above all, water helps in curbing hunger between meals and boosts satiety.

Bariatric Motivational Books

During the recovery phase after surgery, you will probably be confined to bed for a few days or weeks. While the TV may provide entertainment for some time, you will need something tangible to inspire and motivate you during your recovery. Because of the nature of words used in writing these motivational books, you will begin to think more positive thoughts, all of a sudden and see everything from a positive light,

Books such as Your Complete Guide to Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery and The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion will help you handle the emotional roller coaster often associated with losing weight that may lead to depressing thoughts with gusto. Motivation is an integral part of human endeavor, productivity and healing and a good book can become the fuel needed to spur you to action, build your belief, generate happy feeling and reset your view, opinions and outlook on certain situations to influence your conviction and strength to keep doing the right thing.

Digital Food Scale

The three things that a bariatric patient can do to aid quick recovery and to stay on point with their weight loss is to keep these three things in mind: consume healthy weight loss foods, have a healthy weight loss exercises regimen and have healthy weight loss habits. The best way to do this and more is to weigh your meal portions using a digital food scale that enables you to remain within meal program guidelines.


Not only will this powerful blender see you through the soft and liquid food phase after bariatric surgery, but it will come in handy in the future when you need to make your power protein shakes, morning smoothies, and juices. Nutribullet is a must have diet device as it literally pulverizes fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds while retaining all the nutritional contents in them. It comes highly recommended for bariatric patients whose stomachs can’t handle solid foods for the first few weeks after surgery because consuming extracted food from the Nutribullet saves the gastrointestinal system the work of breaking down solid fibrous foods, allowing it to focus on the absorption of all the vital nutrients.

Jaxx Fitpak Portion Control Bag

This fancy easy-to-carry Insulated lunchbox comes with 6 potion portion control containers, 1 shaker cup, 1 large non-toxic ice pack, and 1 pill or vitamin holder. It is large enough to fit and carry your protein shake, a whole days’ worth of portion controlled meals and even your daily doses of vitamins and supplements. The bag is not only easy to clean because of the PEVA lining, but all the components are BPA free, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

Fitbit Charge HR

This innovative fitness tracker is the best way to monitor your activities after surgery. It tracks your heart rate; the distance traveled, active minutes, exercise, calories burned, how long and how well you sleep. You can upload your data regularly to monitor your weight loss progress.

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