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Renew Bariatrics FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Bariatric surgery in Mexico is completely safe. We only used a trusted, in-network team of drivers to help sure safety when traveling across the border. We have numerous years of experience in developing a great package that patients will feel safe using.

All of our bariatric packages include the the option to include one companion at no additional cost. If you’re looking to add more than one companion, there is an additional fee. Please consult with our patient care to learn more.

You should schedule your inbound flight to San Diego International airport before 11am. You should also schedule your outbound flight (from San Diego International airport to airport near your home) after 1pm.

We currently do not offer in-house financing, but we have made connections with leading financing companies to help you pay for your procedure.

It will ultimately depend on the surgeon you choose, but the bougie size will range from 32 to 36 French.

All of our bariatric surgeons use a six-line staple gun, which produces lowers rates of staple line leaks.

There are usually three (3) leak tests in total that are performed. Two are performed in the operating room and one fluoroscopy typically a day later.

The age requirement is usually a minimum age of 18 and a maximum age of 64. Please contact us today to learn more – there are some exceptions, but it’s a case by case basis.

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